What We’re Doing

March 2014

We live in Frederick, MD in our very own first home!

Micah is a territory manager at Nixon Medical.

Sarah is an Instructional Systems Designer with C2 Technologies and works part-time from the home.

They worship God with Redemption City Church.



September 2012

We live in Newport News, VA in a rental home right behind CNU.

Micah is a sales coordinator at Nixon Medical.

Sarah is an ISD at C2 Technologies.

They both work outside the home full time jobs, share baby duties, share home duties, and try to help at the church.


March 2012

We live in Seaford, VA with a guy from church until this summer.

November 2010

We live in Newport News, VA.

Sarah is an Instructional Systems Designer at C2 Technologies.

Micah teaches ESL and GED classes in the city of Newport News.

We are currently growing and serving at By Grace.

We are expecting our first child in June 2012.

August 2010

We were home for one week when our Lord provided Micah with a part-time job at a histology lab in Mt. Jackson, VA.  It is about a 15-20 minute commute, which is the closest place around unless you could get a job as a farmhand.  We had not started praying about it or anything yet, it just goes to show how our Father takes care of us in all circumstances.  Micah works about 25hrs a week and is a full-time seminary student.

We are living out in Basye-Bryce Mountain.

Last year, visiting the Feldman’s cabin.  Who would have known we would be staying there?  God did.

Friends of ours are being more than generous with letting us live in their cabin while we look for work.  Sarah is currently a stay at home wife, writing a lot of thank you notes, learning to cook, clean, manage the household, etc.  She drives to the library for internet connection to look for jobs.  Those college loans will start knocking in a couple months…

Besides that we are driving into Harrisonburg on Sundays to worship and serve our God with our Aletheia church family. We try to have people over to minister and be hospitable.  We take walks, attempt to do P90x workouts, read and sing psalms and hymns together.  Most importantly, we are doing our best to glorify our Creator by loving and ministering to one another.  So far, marriage has been a beautifully easy transition.

  1. I have never met two people who display the truth of God in everything that they do… Thank you Sarah and Micah – Mr and Mrs. Downs.


  2. Brandon Frazier

    Good to see you guys are doing well and living by the word of God. Its refreshing and encouraging! Hope too see you two sometime soon!

  3. You two are the cutest people that ever lived!!! Love your page and you. Aunt lb

  4. Good, thoughful, and insightful. It will take me a couple of days just to let all of your blog posts sink in.

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