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April Showers.

bring May babies? 

Well, probably not, and while my body might not mind it so much if he did come early, I think it’s best Haddon stays in there and continues to develop till he is good and ready to face this world.

This past month has been one of the busiest of the year.  We felt the support and generosity of friends and family like when we got married.  Only this time it felt a little crazier… I can’t explain it other than it is for our growing family.  It wasn’t just love for Micah and I (like when we were married and you all knew us), it has been love for someone none of us know yet, Haddon.  I have tears in my eyes as I think of the love for our son that has been shown.  We have such a picture of how God takes care of us and I honestly hope that I am as a joyful of a giver to my son in midnight feedings, etc as yall have been to us this past month. 

That idea of joyful sacrifice, giving of myself in all sorts of ways, etc is a post I’ll save for another time…  It came up this weekend traveling with Micah.  We have some of our best talks when we drive, I love it.

Anyway, we literally just need to get a breast pump I think.  I think he is pretty covered (for a while) with everything else.  To all who have loved us, thank you.  My thank you notes don’t seem like enough expression of our gratitude, but seriously, we appreciate you so much.

We have had every weekend jam packed with friends and family, and a lot of travel.  I could literally write a post about each weekend, all the amazing things, devotionals, prayers, people, presents, activities, etc involved.  I could post hundreds of pictures.  Maybe someday I will, but for now, here is a group shot from each weekend.

The first weekend of April, we spent in Roanoke at “cousin’s weekend”.

{Cousin’s Weekend}

The second weekend of April, we were in Harrisonburg, VA for a baby shower (plus other exciting events).

{Harrisonburg Shower}

The third weekend of April, we stayed home, had our moms in town, and went to a baby shower.

{By Grace Community Church Shower}

This last weekend in April, we went to Winchester, VA for a baby shower (had maternity pictures done and went to Warrenton for Mrs. Downs and Jenn’s birthday celebrations).

{Winchester Shower}

In case you are wondering how I am doing besides feeling overwhelmed with gratefulness. 

I still feel great.  Sleep is getting harder.  My middle region is getting larger (that might be an understatement).  My thoughts are going faster.   I am starting to slow down (kind of).  I am excited (and nervous). 

Tomorrow is May 1st , and the day I get to say “we get to meet our son next month”.



No, not Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Stay with me though if you want to see a way God works in the lives of His beloved children.

We have been thinking through so many living options the past couple months.

  1. Spend savings on a down payment for a house we’re not in love with… and so we have been saving and paying off Micah’s loan slowly, house hunting exhaustively with a realtor, and meeting with Wells Fargo.
  2. Keep renting our apartment for a higher cost till we know what we are doing (higher cost, same size not my idea of ideal)… but we became content with the idea of sharing a small space for more money if we had to.
  3. Rent a bigger place for more money… but then why not just buy…
  4. Or, offered back in September and brought up again this month – live with our friend from church.

#4 isn’t the first time we have been offered such generosity.  When Micah and I were first married our friends in Harrisonburg let us live in their cabin while we got on our feet, while our heads were still in lovey dovey clouds. 

Our friend’s wife passed away last spring, and he lives in a very large house by himself.

I asked him, “Are you sure?” 

His boys are grown and out of the house.

He mentioned that he had been praying about a couple singles or a married couple sharing the space with him.  That he would love to serve us in this way.

“You know if you accept us, there are three of us, and not only three of us, one of which will cry a lot, but we will have people coming to see the baby all summer long”. 

He said, “live in visitors were more than welcome, that he had plenty of extra rooms for them”, and that “he would like the practice being a grandfather”.

The house is about 20 minutes from my job and our church and about 10 minutes away from Micah’s current job. 

Just a little update incase people didnt know…

  •  I go on leave in June to be with the baby. 
  •  Micah’s job “technically ends” in June for at least the summer until they get the budget for the next school year.

We prayed.  We contemplated.  We waited.  We discussed.  We decided.

And… by March 1st, we will have packed up most of our belongings and moved them into a storage unit.

  • Live with someone else.  {swallow pride now}
  • Live with some of our possessions so that we don’t over take his home. {swallow materialism now}
  • Start our “new little family/parenting” in someone else’s home {swallow ideals now}
  • People might think we’re crazy, I can imagine the questions, opinions, etc {swallow what other’s think now}
  • Micah and I have always prayed though that we would accomplish more for the Lord together than we ever could for Him apart.  I don’t know what kind of doors this is opening or shutting, but I do know that we are being taken care of and that opportunities like this don’t just “come around” every year{swallow “what in the world does God have for us next” now}
  • I can be with the baby this summer, and learn about becoming a mother, not worrying about my 60% Short Term Disability income and our savings covering the bills. {swallow and cry tears of joy and relief now}
  • Micah can look for jobs – stress free. {hit knees in thankfulness now}

We don’t have a set date on how long we will stay on “Muffin Man Lane” or the Borges Bed & Breakfast (BB&B) as Scott likes to call it, but I believe that we will all ministering to each other in many ways this summer.  Scott, Micah, the baby, me, the visitors… I think it’s going to be a fabulous, selfless summer, learning to serve in many ways!

I think it will give us time to be still and see what the Lord has for us next…

Addicted to Blogs?

Oh, yea? me too!

Let me feed that addiction with a recommendation.

Through a different blog I follow, I learned of THIS family.

Their story is for a lack of better words incredible.

The author of the family blog (the mom and wife) has such a way of raw storytelling, and preaching the gospel through their stories.

They just lost their farmhouse to a fire, yet their attitudes and perspective are amazing.  This particular post really got me.

She is talking about community and how important it is:

So aware that this outpouring of love we are experiencing is the way it’s supposed to be all the time.
not just when someone’s house burns up, 
but for the people who barely make the mortgage payment, 
the single mom who wants to give her children so much more than she can afford to give, 
for the family in debt with no foreseeable way out,
for the person who has enough money, but longs for true companionship, for someone to call in the middle of the night when it all comes crashing down….
for all the situations that don’t seem dire enough to justify asking for help, 
and yet, 
we need each other.
All of our stories are stories of struggle and brokenness.
The bible says that the people of God will be known for their love.
And yet, we fall so short of that.
We’re known more for our judgment, our hypocrisy, our inadequacies…

Well, not this time.
We long for everyone we know to experience the joy we’ve felt this week, 
and we keep pledging to God, begging God, 
that we would, for the rest of our lives, be people who spread this joy to others, 
who live with the veil torn all the time, 
who help bring pieces of heaven to earth.
wow.  so true. so convicting. 
why does it often take crisis (deaths, funerals, etc) or absolute joy (weddings, births, etc) for us to remember to love each other well all the time?
Oh, did I mention she has three little ones, and is due with their fourth baby today?  Their house burned 9 days ago.
Select THIS to continue to shower them with God’s love.