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Part 3: Things I Learned while Training

I left off with this mini series talking about what I used to train for this race.

Today I will talk about things I learned or that happened.

  • I lost a toenail – so gross… I had some pain underneath a toe for a couple days before I (of course) googled it. I saw that it could be a blister and how to take care of it. So, I did. It popped and oozed just fine (ew) but I eventually lost the toenail. It’s grown back fine after many months!
  • My IT band started giving me issues two weeks before the race if I ran over 3 miles – this was one of the most unpleasant surprises. I dont know why it happened… I think I should have changed shoes earlier and should have stretched more. I popped a tylenol for the race,┬árubbed some DoTerra deep blue on it, and wore an IT band thing. It ended up being fine through the race.
  • Only wear clothes you are absolutely comfortable in – my sister in law said that when she would do her long training runs on the weekend she always wore the same outfit so that the race had no surprises. Not only did I not do this but I wore a tutu on race day lol. I think I will stick to her tip if there is a next time – which I am still not sure about haha
  • I did not lose any weight
  • Running in the heat is the worst – be sure to hydrate!!