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Verity’s 1st Birthday Party!

Verity turned 1 on November 30th! We had a party a couple days before.

I had a lot of fun planning this sweet Pat the Bunny party.

Enjoy the storytelling of it through pictures:


Part 2: What I Used to Train for 13.1

I left off with this mini series talking about why I would want to run a half marathon in the first place.

Now I will tell you what I used to help accomplish this goal.

Please keep in mind that everybody and every body is different, you may not need quite as much as I did and you may need more!

  1. Hal Higdon Plan – I loved this plan and thought it was really easy to follow as far as endurance goes. What didn’t end up working out is the cross-training days… I barely was able to get a run in on the scheduled days because of other life duties. I don’t think that it negatively affected me to not have done those workouts, however, I wonder if I could have done even better with that training too.
  2. This water bottle/carrier thing. Seriously amazing and worth the $28. I hate things touching me. Ever since I had kids I am all for being comfortable. Which means I did not want a waist band full of water bottles – seriously, that sounds terrible to me. I found this in a running magazine and ordered it that day. It could hold enough water that I didn’t have to stop and go throughout my runs but also hydrated me enough. Plus, that little pocket for fuel was perfect!
  3. Fuel – Because I was nursing I made sure I was not expending too many calories without replenishing. A typical eating pattern for me was: drink coffee & eat a banana and toast with peanut butter, drink an Arbonne protein shake when I got back, and eat these little things if I ran anything over three miles. Also, as a nursing mama I made sure to eat fennel, brewer’s yeast, drink Mother’s Milk tea, etc. I didnt want my personal goal getting in the way of feeding V.
  4. Blogs of other runners – Especially if you don’t have a big community of runners around you. Read about other people working out and going through the same things. I found this more helpful and not really a comparison thing. I liked this one a lot because she also has two small kids (she has since quit blogging but there is a lot already on her blog that is helpful).
  5. Fitbit – I had gotten one of these for my birthday and didnt really use it until I started training. It was mostly helpful just to see what time it was and cool to see how much I was burning (remember, I was trying to replenish those calories!) and how many steps really happen while running!
  6. iPhone/carrier – I listened to so many sermons, podcasts, songs, etc. I would have been bored out of my mind without this
  7. IT Band –  this one I actually didn’t use until the day of the race. That will come in Part 3 (Things I Learned)
  8. Encouragement/Support from Family and Friends. Seriously, without this one I couldn’t have done it…I ran it with one of my bests so that was always great for accountability, excitement, and the spur to do it in the first place. Had babies watched by Micah and sometimes friends and families (no I did not want to train with a double stroller, thanks anyway), a girlfriend bought me my running shoes after I had Verity, two sweeties sent me little things for the race like a flower and shoe charm. Honestly, it just was awesome to have people supporting this endevour. So if you were one of them, thank you!