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12 Months.


Excuse the blurry iphone picture but she wasnt having it this morning… Ill update later.

Verity Belle,

I seriously can’t find the right words for your one year post.

I am just so grateful to God to be your mama for a whole year!

Some developmental things you are up to:

  • You almost never crawl anymore, sometimes you even semi-run
  • You can sign a couple things like more and all done
  • You wave but only if we say “night night” not “bye bye” lol
  • You mostly say “Dadeee” – in the exact same way we taught you to say it… You can say mama, brah (brother), nana (banana), hi, uh-oh, and you certainly try at other things but that’s really whats recognizable
  • You still nurse but it’s so little that I think it’s mostly comfort and routine over nourishment – although I don’t mind giving you a vitamin shot through it! I thought we would stop at a year but I’m just kind of letting you lead… you don’t ask for it that often anyway now that you eat like a champ
  • You understand and respond to “no” a lot better this month and you even listen to it sometimes!
  • You love to clap your hands and dance!
  • You blow on things when I tell you they are hot
  • You weren’t interested in books for the longest time and it made me so sad because the rest of us love books! Now you scurry and get them and bring them to us making the b sound! We are so excited to see this

I loved this age with Haddon and I think I am going to love it with you too!

Really, everything you do makes me excited because it continues to show me God’s grace. That we almost didn’t have you but we have for this whole year. That with 7 minutes of CPR when you were born it wouldn’t be abnormal if you couldn’t do all or a lot of these things. You do though. You continue to grow and develop beautifully and that brings me a lot joy. You’re also the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I know I’m biased but I can say that because you look just like your daddy.

I pray you would love Christ someday Verity. I pray that you would love Him early. I pray that He would bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, that He would lift up His countenance to you and give you peace. His peace. I pray He would save your life the way He already did physically.

I rest as a mama knowing that it isn’t my job to make you love Him but to point you to Him.

You and your life lead me to a greater worship of Him my dear.

Verity Belle, I hope you spend your whole life declaring his beautiful (belle) truth (verity) to this pain-filled and longing world.


From life’s first cry… till final breath… Jesus commands your destiny