10 Months.


You are a little over 10 months as I write this because we have been busy bees this month, you especially!

You give kisses.

You belly laugh when someone pretends you have stinky feet (but actually, most of the time they are in fact, stinky).

You high pitch squeal when you see your brother and you are wanting to see him.

You have two bottom teeth growing taller by the day.

Your brother and dad call you juicer… it’s the weirdest but funniest thing.

You give me kisses – big, open mouth, slobbery ones.

You took your first steps and they were toward me! Then this past weekend you took fourteen in a row.

You love drinking water – really I think you just like having your own cup a whole lot.

You eat like a champ – pretty much anything I put in front of you.

You like to read Pat the Bunny – my way of prepping you for your first birthday theme 😉

You are starting to be able to follow direction but that doesn’t mean you always do……..

You point at everything and I just think it’s the cutest – one time in kid’s church, you and your brother were pointing at each other and smiling from across the room. I think I melted.

I just finished my first 1/2 marathon and someday you will understand why that was so important to me.

You make all sorts of faces and I cant wait until you talk and you tell us what they mean.

Actually, I can wait… you are growing up so fast and I cant believe how long the days are sometimes but the years truly are so short.

Mommy loves you baby girl.


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