Monthly Archives: September 2015

9 Months.


My girl….

You’ve been with us on the outside as long as you were on the inside, and I wont lie, that makes me a crying mess right now.

I am so thankful, more than I ever knew to be before you were born.

Every day is such a gift sweet thing, you are such a gift to this family.

You make me so stinkin happy. Your personality and disposition is the biggest blessing to us.

Sometimes I cant believe we almost didn’t get to know you… and what we would have missed… I’m just so thankful to God for you.

You are growing and developing so wonderfully and that thrills me too.

When we left the NICU, we asked if anything was “wrong” with you from being without oxygen for so long and if there was anything we needed to be aware of long term. They said you had passed all your NICU tests and to just watch for your developmental milestones and that you would probably have an asterisk by your name until middle school to watch for learning disabilities.

So far you are passing all your milestones with flying colors (another thing that makes me sappy). Every time you do something new, experience something for the first time, etc it’s a reminder to me of God’s grace and my unreservedness. Almost losing you seriously changed me in the best way possible.

So, what you are up to…

Every since you got the grasping/pinching thing down you eat all on your own. We give you pouches occasionally for convenience but otherwise you completely lead the way and feed yourself anything that we give you (which is pretty much everything).

You pull on everything. You can stand for a couple seconds on your own.

You love your brother a lot.

Your daddy too… you have started to get excited when he comes home from work.

You love to touch other people but are kind of funny with your own space.

You are obsessed with your baby dolls, I have a couple so that we always have one accessible and you seriously squeal and laugh at them. If anyone tries to take one out of your hand you pull hard haha

You can say mumm mumm mumm but don’t do it all the time. In fact, you can make a couple sounds that sort of sound like words but you definitely take more in than you try to say.

You sleep through the night and usually take two naps a day. You are like clock work and at 8pm you turn into a grump if you are not getting ready for bed.

We never even had to sleep train you – you cried for like 2 minutes the first time we “tried” to train you. Every now and then you give a little protest but it’s nothing crazy and it never lasts for long.

You are learning the word no and I wouldn’t say you always listen to it… but you seem to be very teachable, which is something we pray for with you kids.

You make the most hilarious face when you don’t like something… you just open your mouth and make funny eyes, every now and then you make a whining noise and purse your lips too.

You rarely cry. If you do there is definitely a reason.

It’s hard to read to you… you are so active. I hope you will love books like the rest of the family though!

You are a tall little thing and I have no idea where you get that from but I should have known since you did give me stretch marks and your brother didn’t… I forgive you. I also still haven’t lost all the weight I gained with you and Ive been running over 25 miles a week – so I am assuming I just need the extra pounds for you to continue nursing. Which you are a champ at by the way.

As of today, (which is 4 days past your 9 month mark) your first tooth broke the skin!

I love you little girl and I cant wait to see what this month brings!