Monthly Archives: August 2015

8 Months.



You turned 8 months last week and you just continue to capture all of us with your bubbly personality and big gummy smiles.

I truly don’t know a happier baby.

You are the most active little girl ever. You crawl all over the place. You pull up on anything within reach. Daddy had to lower your crib.

You are obsessed with your big brother and it is the sweetest thing to me when you giggle together at the craziest things.

You go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. You don’t really cry a lot though… more of a voice your opinion type of noise.

Just days ago you finally started shoving fistfuls of food into your mouth. Before that it was only pureed and you preferred store bought over anything I would make! Now you will eat whatever is in front of you… which is awesome but not so much when you find things on the floor now…

You had a blast at the beach. The sand was so fun for you.

You like to swing at the playground, jump in your bouncer, crawl, pull up, press buttons, eat your baby, get into things…

One of my absolute favorite things you do is, suck the air… bahaha when you want to nurse or are tired you just suck on your tongue a little bit. I need to get it on video.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you stood on your own any day now, you try but it doesn’t happen successfully yet.

You are learning the word “no” and sometimes you yell at be and get the biggest frown if I use that word. You also are super smart… because you go up to things you have already learned no about and you look at me and wait for me to look! little stinker.

I love you so much little girl.