Monthly Archives: July 2015

7 Months.


Sweet baby girl you are 7 months old!

You bring me SO much joy.

You “crawl” all over the place.

You are super determined.

You wont eat food unless it is completely pureed, obviously you are not a fan of textures right now.

At your 6 month check up, you were in the 27% for weight and 87% for height.

You are still a champ at nursing, just an easily distracted one.

You love the baby you met in the mirror.

You “talk” and make sounds like mmmm and daaa. You also growl a lot.

You laugh, mostly at your brother and dad, sometimes me… and often at that baby you met in the mirror.

You know your name and sometimes I can even get you to crawl to me for a diaper change or to be picked up.

You’ve been sleeping pretty well lately, maybe 50% of the time its through the night. I think all the moving and grooving wears you out.

Your brother’s toys are fascinating to you now.

I can see you wanting to pull yourself up but if you actually accomplish it you cry because you aren’t sure how to get back down.

You are pre-teething still and try to bite my face off.

You do sit and play and can get in and out of that position though. It’s the cutest.

You are content to play by yourself with toys for very long periods of times, like your brother, thank you Jesus!

You are a very busy baby. Constantly moving, you do like to be held but not for long periods and if you are being held you want to look at things and touch them while also being held.

You are a sensitive little thing. If your brother kisses you too hard or someone makes sudden noises you get these big fat tears with the saddest frown ever, like someone personally offended you.

I just love you to pieces Verity Belle.