6 Months.


Has it really been 1/2 a year since you’ve entered our lives?!

This month was a little crazy.

You were still sweet as can be but…

You didn’t sleep as well as you had been and that made me a little nutty.

Then the last week of the month, you started crawling (kind of), eating solids, and sleeping in your crib.

They are all very welcome changes.

It feels a little freeing to me knowing I’m not the only thing that feeds you.

The crawling wears you out and helps you sleep better.

You are also a mover, a toucher, a kicker – you crazy girl. Your brother was so observant – you see something and go for it.

You prefer your crib to other spots to sleep.

Now that you can move, you are after your brother’s flashy toys. Sometimes he minds and grabs things from you but most of the time he loves to have you playing with him, watching him, and just being near you. If you sleep too long, he wants to wake you because he wants you around.

You two giggle at each other and it makes me soooo happy.

You are seriously the happiest and most delightful baby I’ve ever been around.

You blow spit bubbles and stick out your tongue like crazy! You don’t say anything yet but you are starting to make the “mmmm” sound so we work on mama a lot. I love when you scoot your little self over to me and then just wait for me to pick you up.

You can play nicely by yourself or with your brother for long periods of time but if you get stuck, bonk something, or get frustrated you get pretty dramatic. Now that you’re mobile I have to rescue you a lot.

You are such an undeserved blessing my little treasure and I thank God for getting to be your mama in this life.


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