Monthly Archives: April 2015

5 Months.


Verity Belle,  I fall more in love with you every day little one.

I can probably count the number of times on one hand that I’ve actually felt impatient or frustrated with you.

You are a sweet baby and I thank the Lord for your life daily. When I think about the fact that we almost didn’t get you… I feel weak. You will bless this world in a big way darling. You already do.

Because no day is guaranteed… and I know that more and more the older I get, I enjoy the heck out of you.

You have a pretty good routine but I don’t watch the clock with you at all.

If you are whiney at all it is because you either are about to poop, have pooped, or are getting hungry or tired. That’s it.

The day I wrote your last post you rolled over that evening. I cried. When we left the NICU, we asked if you were “okay”. We didn’t know if minutes without oxygen damaged your brain at all. They said they couldn’t really say indefinitely but you seemed fine. They told us to just keep an eye out for your milestones. Every time you meet one I think of the Lord’s grace to you, and to us.

You are reallllly distracted these days, by every thing. Most of the time I have to go retreat to feed you. Your brother, dad, music, fan, heck a fly would probably keep you from eating well.

You are still nursing like a champ. Those thighs though. After what I went through with Haddon’s feeding issues, the delight I have in seeing that chunk on you is such a good feeling!

You like to play with toys now, especially your dolls. It is so crazy to me that your brother came out practically liking anything with wheels and you are showing a strong preference to doll babies.

You squeal. You blow spit bubbles. When you laugh you sound like an old man coughing.

Your daddy and your brother are your favorite people in the world to watch. However, you better believe if you are hungry, you will find me from across the room and give me the nonblink stare until I acknowledge you.

Daddy calls you juicer, gusher, juice bomb… and an array of other things dealing with the fact that you are always drooling. I think its pre-teething. You naw on everything, mostly hands.

You have gotten so big… with Haddon I kept loving every stage that came next more and more. While it is true that I love to see you developing and growing. I hate how fast time is going. It is so true that “babies don’t keep”. But then again… they aren’t supposed to. You are on loan to us, you are supposed to get big, grow and develop into the person God made you to be for Him. Oh, but how I wish I could slow down time.

You are super smiley my happy day girl.

I love you VB.