Dear Haddon.

You are growing up so fast and while I love it cause I seem to love every new stage more than before its crazy how fast life goes. I have your now and I want to remember it.

I don’t want to forget some things about this precious age.

You have night time stuff.

Bunny, a story, a Jesus story, nothing but the blood sung, “rock you”, take this kiss and hold it tight, “cuddle you in bed”.

You love your sister but mostly you just like to have her around.

“She pooped” “Where’s Verity?” “Gotta get out allllll the milk” “Why she have to stay at the hospital?” “she needs her doe doe”

You are still obsessed with all things with wheels. This month it is fire trucks.

This morning you spent 30 minutes looking for “red”. What do you want to do today? “plaaaay – play with my trucks”

You like TV too much.

“Mama go pump cause I wanna watch a show”

You are mostly a grateful child. Yesterday when I got home from the grocery store you unpacked all my bags.

“Mommy, apples!!!! oh thank you mommy I love apples” “Cados!!” “COW MILK – thank you mommy”

Since I post too much on social media daddy makes fun of me for taking pictures. Now you do too.

Me: oh you look so cute!!! You: But I don’t wanna take a picture

You get pretty intense with some feelings. For example… if you hit your head on the counter:

“NO – you bonked my head! don’t do that!”

Daddy is teaching you about earning pennies. You get them for cleaning up without asking, using manners, whenever we feel like it really.

“that would cost A LOT and A LOT and A LOT of pennies”

Daddy has to beep the horn when he leaves for work.

“he didn’t beep the horn!!!!” huge scowl

“he beeped the horn!!!” big excitement

You’re pretty much obsessed with daddy these days, he is the best.

“welcome HOME dad”

Those are just a few of my faves.

You have your defiante moments but overall I think you are an absolute joy my sweet boy. I am so happy to be your mama.


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