Two Months.


Verity Belle,

You are two months old today sweet girl.

A week ago I honestly didn’t know if we would see this day, maybe that sounds irrational but mommy is struggling a little bit with fear lately. But that is for another post…

We are SO thankful to have had you in our lives for two months.

You are the sweetest little baby.

You rarely get too upset and if you do you are easily consolable.

Sometimes we lay you down after changing you or something and you just go to sleep.

We haven’t tried to “schedule” you yet, but you have a pretty easy routine of eating every 3-4 hours.

You take your best nap in the morning after breakfast and playing with us.

A couple times you have let me sleep through the night! I never count on it but it is so good to me when it happens!

The first time you smiled at me, like really smiled at me, I definitely cried. I have a feeling every “first” is going to be super special to me.

You are super strong.

You don’t love tummy time and you only lift up if you feel like it, but you are more than capable.

After feeding and I’m holding you over my shoulder you try to stand on me and pretty much climb up my stomach.

You coo and smile now, mostly at fans, windows, and black and white images, but you smile for us too and in those moments all is right in the world.

Your happiest day in life was the day you got your “nose tube” and “stickers” off and mama could cuddle you close. I dont think you have ever stopped eating to look up and smile and coo so much in your little life. It was the best.

Youre the best baby girl.


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