Verity – One Month.

DSC_1070My sweet sweet girl,

It’s your one month birthday.

This month has gone by way too fast. I don’t know if it was a mixture of you coming home after us, the holidays, the fact that time just flies faster these days or a mixture of all three but one thing is for sure – I want it to slow down!

You are a darling baby my daughter.

You should be in a text book under the definition of sleepy newborn.

You are eating pretty well and are super noisy while doing so… I pump a lot and give you bottles during the day so other people can take a turn feeding you and because its faster… you nurse a lot in the morning and at night. I like the mixture.

You hardly cry and when you do you are consolable after just a few minutes.

So far you will go to whoever wants to snuggle you but no one can put you to sleep or calm you like I can.

You sleep next to mama in a rock and play (man I love that thing). Half the time you end up in my arms from me falling asleep nursing you. Even though you sleep wherever, you sleep best on your belly. I let you sleep best during the day where I can check on you a lot…

Your brother adores you. He is very helpful in bringing me diapers, doe does, and wipes. He loves to give you kisses. He will only hold you on his terms. He thinks youre funny because of how often you poop.

Your daddy adores you. He says funny things to you and loves to give you kisses and cuddle you. He talks to you in a high pitched voice and would never admit to it.

I adore you as well, obviously.

After your birth experience I told your daddy, “sorry but I don’t know if I want anymore after this”, sinceĀ having you home with us, I change my mind! If babies were guaranteed to be like you I’d take a couple more!

I love you Verity Belle! We are so glad to get to know you.


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