Christmas Day.


I think most people and scholars would agree that December 25th isnt actually Christ’s real birthday. It sure is fun to celebrate life no matter when it’s done though, isnt it?

That said, I’m not ready for “Christmas” to come and be over with tomorrow. I love how focused I get on Him during this season. Sure, I shop, wrap, enjoy hot cocoa, pine smells, traditions, advent activities, etc as much as anyone but I truly do make a point to keep my eyes on Him.

This advent season more than ever I’ve really been thinking about Emmanuel – God with us.

Christ left His heavenly reign where He existed with His father before anything in this world was ever thought up. He came through childbirth and especially at this point in life I can say, whoa, what a humble thing. He didn’t come into this world in a comfy hospital bed or birthing center but to a smelly manger. The highest of high to the lowest of low.

There is so much rejoicing for my family this year. There are so many of my family and friends in sorrow. Mourning in this fallen world…

As joyful as I am with some of our earthly blessings, nothing is more of a blessing than my salvation. I tear up just thinking about it. How do I teach my children that “advent activities” and “traditions” to not be idols in their hearts but to long for His coming back more than any earthly desire?! What a huge responsibility… when I think of the temporary satisfaction I get from the world and how fleeting it is. How will I teach them to not do the same?

He is coming again.

I used to say “I want xyz to happen before He comes back”. Not anymore, we pray you would come quickly Lord.

Not only will He wipe away tears of this fallen world but there will be a final stake on sin. No more of it. Part of that sin, I am talking about is pride. Ugh – dont you hate it? Not a week after “Christ’s Birthday” we are all into how WE can be better versions of ourselves in the coming year. Not that it is necessarily bad in and of itself to want to improve but it amazes me how fast my eyes can go from Him to myself.

Praying that this year I can keep my eyes fixed on Him!

Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel…



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