Verity’s Birth Story.

This is a hard one to write but I never want to forget.

On 11/28/14 my water broke. It was her due date – it was 11:30 at night but still! I got so excited. I had just finished watching a movie with family and we were still hanging in the living room. I was just laying there but felt and heard a pop and realized what was happening.

However, by 1 am I still wasn’t having consistent contractions. Some of them were starting to hurt a little bit but nothing like I remembered with Haddon. I tried to sleep and around 3 am they started getting a little stronger so I would just rest and then breathe through the more painful ones.

By 11 am the contractions hurt but weren’t consistent enough for me to want to go into the hospital. Our midwife called to check on me multiple times through the morning and by noon she wanted us to go in because we were reaching 12 hours from when my water had broken and she wanted to check on the baby.

Much to my dismay… I was only three and half centimeters dilated when I got there at noon. The baby was sunny side up (just like Haddon had been…).

On the way to the hospital I told Micah, look Im gonna try to do this thing unmedicated again but if I don’t progress and she is sunny side up I am probably gonna get pitocin and an epidural. I didn’t want a repeat of Haddon’s birth. I didn’t have the motivation. Been there. Done that. It was not the “wonderful” natural birth everyone describes. It was the worst three days of my life and I hardly even remember enjoying Haddon at first because I was just so relieved to be out of pain.

I wanted this one to be different. It wasn’t shaping up that way with such a slow progression though… so when they offered a tiny amount of pitocin to get things rolling I accepted. The contractions intensified and got closer together so it was certainly doing its job. Due to her positioning though my body just kept moving slowly. I also had a lip of the cervix that wouldn’t move… that happened with Haddon too. They manually moved it with him and they manually moved it with her… After 6 hours on pitocin and still only progressing to a 6 I asked for the epidural. I expected complete relief… that wasn’t the case as I could still feel tons of pressure. It definitely helped though and Verity and I were handling everything well.

FINALLY at 1 am I was ready to push. Her heart rate then dropped drastically all of a sudden, so they had me lay on my side, wear some oxygen and she was much happier that way. We waited for a while to make sure she was good to go before pushing again. I prayed she would come out fast when I did push.

At 2 am I was able to push again and she came out in 15 minutes! I was SO excited. I wasn’t too worn out or in too much pain to not be thrilled at what was happening. I couldn’t wait to hold that girl and really experience the moment.

When I pushed her head out they realized the cord was wrapped around her neck but the monitor still showed a good heart beat… as soon as she was out my midwife unwrapped the cord and handed her to me.

She looked dead and she wouldn’t cry. It was really only a matter of seconds and the midwife had her back, they were rubbing her and the nurse started to call people in…

I just remember asking why wont she cry, why wont she make noise. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

As the nurse called people the midwife kept her cord blood pulsing to give her oxygen until what I refer to as “the baby swat team” came in. When they came in they took her and started to work on her right away – I don’t even know everything they did but I do know she had CPR, a tube down her throat, oxygen mask, etc.

I couldn’t see anything except chaos and my mom and dad watching and praying (they ended up being in the room for pushing this time and I am SO glad it ended up happening that way). I was praying more like chanting please let her breathe, please God and looking at Micah not saying anything but with fear in my eyes. He kept repeating… “who’s baby is she?” “who loves her more than we do?” “who made her?”

That man is amazing.

After what seemed like an eternity but also a blink of an eye, I saw my dad start to shake his head yes and make eye contact with me. Then my mom did it. Then the chaos calmed down and they wheeled her away. Everyone had left the room now.

I asked Micah to turn on some hymns, once they were on he crawled in next to me and we lost it.

I didn’t have to have stitches or anything so pretty quickly after all this I got to go to my recovery room. Doctors and nurses were really great about keeping us updated about what they could. In fact, we have had a phenomenal experience with the care for us and our daughter.

I kept wondering about long-term damage but day-by-day she is showing she is amazing and I am choosing to not think on that. She is showing no signs of damage and all her test results are great. When we take her home it will be like nothing happened. Her pediatrician will watch her milestones closely through the first couple years but that’s really the only thing that we have to “keep an eye on” for now.
I am beyond thankful to have been in a hospital. Every second counted.

When we visited her in the NICU the next day and I heard her cry I lost it! I sorta yelled at her “that’s what you were supposed to do last night!” I have also talked to her about her fill of drama for her whole life. No more please.

I am the most thankful that we get to keep her for now. God is good. Even if we didn’t get to keep her He is still good but I am so thankful for this little miracle.

We don’t really have medical answers for what happened. It is rare.

Pregnancy, birth, delivery, it’s all miraculous.

I am recovering well besides being exhausted and Verity is A+ student in the NICU.

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  1. You are indeed blessed, such a touching recount of birth. Imagine, so close to Christmas too.

  2. Wow, you all are amazing! I do want to tell you that Ann (Kiracofe), full term, was born after 18 hours of pretty intense labor. She was blue at first with the cord wrapped around her neck. I don’t remember a breathing problem (some of it is a blur at this point) but I do remember her having an oxygen mask on her face and the APGAR scale was low the first time they checked it. Don’t know if they do that anymore. I also remember her Dad saying, “boy, she looks blue.” Well, you probably know the rest of the story. She turned out pretty amazing and on the ball.
    Congratulations. Wonderful days are ahead.

  3. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miracles upon miracles are on this little one. We love you!

  4. Sarah Foster (Scruggs)

    Okay Sarah, I seriously bawled when I read this. I too have experienced NICU and baby swat team (Under slightly different circumstances, I went into labor unexpected with Luke at 32 weeks,delivered at 34.) I literally kept the Hymn station on my Pandora pumping through my phone 24/7 in Luke’s NICU room. Those memories are still very emotional for me but they also hold some of the most tender moments of feeling/experiencing the goodness of the Lord like I never had before. I kept a running notebook of all those milestones while we were there..all the times Luke far surpassed the expectations of the staff by the Grace of God. Praising God for your precious baby girl and standing in agreement with you that she too will far exceed any and all expectations as she continues to grow and accomplish milestones in Jesus’ name! What a testament she already is to His faithfulness!

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