To My First Baby.

To my first born,


Your time as my only is wrapping up sweet one.

I could never explain to you the emotions that come with that. I am so thankful for the time we’ve had together just you and me kiddo (and dad of course)!

When I first realized you weren’t my only anymore I was a little nervous about how I could love another child like I love you, cause it’s SO much.

I’ve realized over the last couple months though that I can. It might not be the same feelings, as you will each be unique and special to me in your own ways.

You have taught my heart how to love and sacrifice in a way that only you could.

I know God’s love for me better.

I know God’s desire for my discipline better.

I know God better because of you Haddon Isaiah.

I know myself better.

I know your dad in an amazing way I never would have if it weren’t for you. I love him even bigger too because of you.

So, I can say with much confidence that I know I will love your sister.

My love for each of you will only grow as we learn to live together and love one another unconditionally.

It won’t always be easy to stretch my love and love you each the way you need to be loved at all times. Grace will be there for that. Forgiveness. Mercy. Second Chances. We’re a family.

We’re a family that seeks to love God first. It’s only through His love we can love one another well anyway.

Son, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me apart from salvation and your dad.

I love you forever and I’ll try not to call you my baby when you’re a man… but you will always be the baby that I loved first.

I am beyond thankful for every second God has allowed me to be your mama.

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