Second Trimester Wrap Up.

I can’t believe we are already here! This summer absolutely flew by. Time just always feels like that now I think… please remind me I said this when I am in my last month of pregnancy!

It rang true this time around that second trimester is the best. My energy was back, I came out of the haze, plenty of doctors visits and baby kicks. I just love the second trimester. 

Gender: Girl. Beyond excited for this little one. I didn’t realize how thrilled I would be to have a girl.

Weight Gain: I don’t even want to talk about this haha I got talked to a little about watching carbs and sugar… so I did for a while. It helped. I wasn’t gaining as quickly but I was hungry without carbs. I tried to just make sure they were good ones… but you know how a little yeast grows… it quickly allowed me to “cheat” with sugar and other carbs. So as much as I would like to say I’ll get better at that, I just dont know if I will! Anyway, I am finishing up the second trimester close to 120.

Working Out: With all that said… I still am able to work out and I am so so thankful. Sometimes I’ll get finished a run and literally put my hands up and say thank you Lord for health and lungs and being able to do this still. It gives me endorphins like no other to work out and so I have been able to consistently jog and do PiYo 5-6x a week. I am getting slower and more modified of course but it is so worth it to do it. There was a day I thought I wouldnt be able to jog anymore and I got so sad because I know that day will come soon but it was when I was like only 20 weeks. Fortunately, after some advice and trying different things I just had to realize my limitations. Working out is my “me” time and Micah is sweet about either doing it with me or allowing me to do it.

Body Changes: Clearly I look a little different than 13 weeks ago but I am more in shape than I was with Haddon and I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to carry a child. Like with Haddon, my chest hasn’t changed…and has started leaking super early again. I am hoping to hear next week that my placenta previa has also changed!

Funniest Moments: There have been so many between the both of the guys… One thing is that I do not want to forget is Haddon sitting near me and I said: “Haddon, did you feel your sister kick you?” Haddon gets a really disturbed look on his face and tries to hit my stomach. I realize then that I needed to be more careful with my words. We now say, “do you feel your sister moving?” It goes over a lot better!

Long story short, I go to a practice where I see a bunch of midwives/OBs. The OB that discovered my marginal previa wasn’t concerned about it because there was no bleeding. I asked so many reassuring questions and he answered all of them and said we would talk further if it hadnt moved by my next ultrasound. Well the midwife I saw next asked me “how the pelvic rest was going?” When I asked her what that was she looked pretty concerned and had to go look up the OB’s notes. 

Sweetest Moments: Micah is just amazing and encouraging. Haddon is SO cute. I have no idea what he understands but he definitely knows a baby is coming. He tries to give her things. Like if something is hers (a bunny, something that comes in the mail, clothes, etc), he will hold it up to my stomach. He got a “big brother medal” at Verity’s shower and he likes to wear it a lot. Verity’s “Sprinkle” – what a sweet time of encouragement, prayer, friends and lots of cute things!

What I am looking forward to: EVERYTHING…. except, lack of sleep and labor. I used to be nervous I wouldn’t love her like Haddon. I’m not nervous about it anymore. I am realizing more and more that my love for him has taught me how to love in ways I would have never imagined and that will just grow.

The second time around: 

Birth – Due to the previa, I’ve hardly thought about birth at all! If I have to get a scheduled c-section I’m not gonna get worked up thinking about the way it might go down. Ideally, I’d love to go unmedicated again because of the quick recovery/amazingness I felt after Haddon. However, I’m way less concerned about it this time around and just pray we can both stay healthy. 

Nursing – I am not ignorant like the first time (where I thought if you stuck your baby to your chest there was never an issue). I will be feeding on demand, letting the baby sleep near me for a long time, eating “helpful” things, pumping, etc. I got my thyroid checked… and am waiting on the results from that. So if I still have trouble with supply, etc I’ll just know I’m one of those in a small percentage that does and not stress about it.

Schedules – I am just a more relaxed person in general than I was with Haddon. I thought if I read and did everything “right” things would be grand. Really, I am realizing more and more that boundaries are great things but children and families are different and you are constantly learning.



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photo 3 (4)

I am so thankful for our growing family and the way the Lord is changing and shaping my heart. One more tri to go and while I know its the longest, I’m gonna soak up every second!



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  1. So good to read an update! If it’s any encouragement, in case you have to have a c-section, my scheduled c-section was so. Much. Easier . than my first. Without the long labor ahead of it, it was not so bad. I’ve heard a lot of people say the same thing…scheduled ones are much easier during and after (recovery). If you get to the end of your pregnancy, and it’s looking like it’s going to go that way, I’d be glad to offer any help/advice/thoughts I can if you’d like it. Hopefully all of that is moot though . 🙂 excited for you guys to get to welcome sweet verity! 🙂

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