No Mo Doe Doe.

He did it.

He gave up his beloved pacifier… sort of.

We had it written on the calendar. We have been praying. We have been warning him that once its broken we wont get anymore. We have been reading him books about giving them up. We have been telling him he is a big boy and doesn’t need it much longer. We were fully prepared (except emotionally) to cut the tip off of it on our scheduled weekend.

Micah and Haddon went on an adventure last weekend. On the way home Haddon bit a hole through his beloved doe doe. Micah has an iPad recording of him bawling saying “I bit it, I bit it, its broken, I broke it”. Micah said the crying lasted for about 15-20 minutes. When I got home that night, I could hear outside Haddon’s bedroom door a song that Micah had made up and been singing for weeks:

“No more doe doe no more doe doe

I’m a big boy, I’m a big boy.

I play with my trucks and my big boy toys.

I’m a big boy!”

He sang it the next morning too. The night before he only woke up once for 5 minutes…

He held onto doe doe at nap time and bedtime for 2 more days before throwing it in the trash on his own. I may have mentioned… “if it’s broken, shouldn’t we just throw it away?” (safety!) and he said “yes!” and marched downstairs and threw it in the trash.

He has asked for it a couple times but when we say, “well you know what happened to it” he tells us “I bit it, its in the trash”.

I am so so proud of him, I’m so thankful. I have no idea how something like that could have gone any better. 

In our house we consider it a straight miracle.

*We had originally planned on taking it the week it broke and when unexpected plans came up we moved it to the next weekend when we would all be home. Love it*


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