Little Blue Truck Birthday Party.

Our boy turned two on Sunday and it was a joyful celebration of life (and a little boy obsessed with trucks)!

Last year we had a The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party and it was so much fun to plan according to a book…At his party last year he was given three copies of Little Blue Truck! It quickly became a favorite in our house. So I decided to keep up the book themed idea.

During the week leading up as I was baking cookies, crafting, icing cupcakes, making food and to do lists – Micah asked if I liked doing these things. I absolutely do!

My birthdays were always really special growing up. One year it was an animal party and everyone took home goldfish. Another year, it was a campfire party and we all saved ashes from the fire and wrote on the little bottles. I remember when it was a “secret garden” party and a surprise location – I was blindfolded the whole way there and and ended up at the Blandy Farm where we were all given secret garden keys around necklaces. I want Haddon to have fond memories of his special day too. No, you don’t need decorations and themes to do so, but man are they fun for the planner! I will show him pictures and tell him stories some day and hope he appreciates it. Some day we may not have money, I may not have the energy and I love lavishing this boy while I can.

We started off the day with guests already in town! Our friends the Emborskis and the Frailings came all the way to celebrate with us, as did Aunt Boo! Haddon woke up from his nap 10 minutes before the party started. I think he was overwhelmed at first (even with as social as he is)… but definitely realized what it was all about when we sang Happy Birthday. Him and I had practiced blowing out his candles a couple times so he wouldnt freak out at the fire and yell “that’s dangerous!” He did great.

Enjoy a peek into our day, it was such a fun one. Thanks to all our friends and family who came out to celebrate and for ALL of you who have prayed for him and loved him and us his whole 2 years, 9 months of life.

We love you Haddon Isaiah!








DSC_0330DSC_0333DSC_0342DSC_0355DSC_0364DSC_0390 DSC_0381



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  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.

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