First Trimester Wrap Up.

I am so thrilled to be in the 2nd trimester. With Haddon it was the best and I’m hoping that proves to be true this time around as well!

How I found out: We had been “trying” since November and it just hadn’t happened. We trusted God’s timing and in February I am thinking right before we moved, it happened. I found out basically as soon as I was late because I had been hoping for a few months. However, the first test I took said negative – major disappointment. Two weeks later, I took another and it said positive. I was so excited but also so confused. I had no idea how old this baby was. Was the first test wrong? Did I ovulate later due to the stress of moving, etc? My ultrasound and the baby’s size revealed it was probably the later.

How I told Micah and Haddon: I took the test in the morning and I told them later that day by handing Haddon a big brother book and Micah a toy quiver full of two arrows. I had gotten the quiver one year for Father’s Day and decided that from Haddon forward I would just keep adding play arrows to it if the Lord blessed us.

Micah is ecstatic of course. He was ready to try for another baby before I was. He was patient with me and is so excited.

I can’t really tell what Haddon knows but we talk to him about it and he touches my stomach sometimes and says baby. He also tells it to “come out”.

How I felt physically: Exhausted and more nauseated than I ever was with Haddon. My few sicknesses and queasiness are hardly worth mentioning in comparison to what some women go through. It still wasn’t fun for me though, especially since I didn’t have that with Haddon. For weeks, Haddon would wake me up asking for crackers and mints which he knew were in my nightstand.

What I ate: thank the Lord I had no aversions this time around! Aka I still drank coffee. I’ve been trying to eat semi-healthy but not depriving myself. I am not one of those “I’m not gonna eat any sugar people”. Yes, watch it. For me though, if it’s not something I’ll keep up my whole life I see no purpose in fads unless there is a specific reason for doing something for a time being.

I have been trying to seriously get my protein uptake because did you know pregnant people are supposed to get over 75g of protein. That is crazy. Some of my favorite ways to do this are: eggs, power balls (addicting), protein smoothies, string cheese, bacon cheeseburgers… and nuts!

How much weight I gained: Started out at 95 and am ending around 103. Trying not to be discouraged that I’ve already gained 7lbs… I read you aren’t supposed to gain any in the first trimester. Whoops. It is a personal goal to NOT gain as much as I did with Haddon.

How I worked out: I am still able to run and that makes me really happy, because jogging makes me happy – yay endorphins. I didn’t run before I had Haddon I started when he was a couple months old, so it’s nice to have that this time around. Although, the pressure is starting… barely but I can feel it so who knows how long running will last. I also do Tony Horton’s 10min work outs, usually only like two, but hey, it’s something! If you ran through pregnancy, how far along were you before it just got way too uncomfortable?

Funniest moments: One time my stomach growled or digested, something making a loud noise and Haddon got the most surprised look on his face and yelled: BABY TALKING! Then he put his ear down to my stomach. I laughed so hard and didn’t correct him I thought it was so cute, so now that’s what he thinks about stomachs making noise…

Happiest moments: My only two friends here in Frederick are pregnant. My bestie Lauren is pregnant and we are three days apart. My sister in law and I are a month and a half apart. I thought I would go through this pregnancy alone after the move and that’s just not the case 🙂

Do we have a preference of what we are having? Nope! I mean I would love to have a girl someday. We have everything boy though, Haddon and the baby will be pretty close in age, etc. So seriously, either sounds great. I’ve had a girl name picked out for years and I am still trying to convince Micah of my latest favorite boy name…

I am not one to like surprises – we find out what this little one is at the beginning of July!

Oh and I’m still scared senseless of labor. I don’t forget that pain, I don’t care what people say. I think I’m honestly the most scared of the length, that I won’t have the endurance for it again. People say that it is easier the second time around, but I won’t know that until the second time around…

Some pictures from the past couple months:

photo 1

We went out for baby back ribs the night I told him.

photo 2

My babies and I on mother’s day.

photo 3

I don’t remember exact weeks… but I know the first is as soon as I found out and the last is 13 4

photo 5

My personal fave:



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  1. I just love you guys!! So excited for there to be more Downs in the world 🙂

  2. Sarah Foster (Scruggs)

    Congratulations Sarah!! Having a second one makes life so fun!! Can’t wait to hear what the sex is!!

  3. Yeah!!!! What a wonderful blessing for those your bless others so freely. We love you!!! Cindy and Bill

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