23 Months.

I almost forgot! 

How fast this month went by! You will be two next month! Two! 

This is a little bittersweet because next time I write your monthly updates it will probably be the last one… I feel like once you have a two year old you don’t say, oh he is 26 months. You say, he is two. Not that I dont want to document you forever and keep all your special sayings and doings near to me – I do. I’m so emotional lately. 

Everyday it feels like I read something that has happened to a small child or baby and while the Lord really helps protect my mind from fear, I still get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with sadness for those parents but also overwhelmed with gratitude for all these months we’ve been allowed to “keep” you. If you are the only baby I ever had, I’d be thankful forever because of how you changed us. How you continue to change us and help us see God.

You make us so happy Haddon. I try to tell you that everyday. “Haddon you make mama SO happy” Sometimes you sheepishly grin and like it and others days you are feeling honorary and tell me “no”. Then I smother you with kisses and say “What?! I do I do I do love you”.

You continue to amaze us with your speech and all you pick up on. It is so fun to watch you discover life.

Your favorite things right now are… wait for it… trucks and bugs.

Every day, “daddy find a worm”. If you find one on your own, you get more excited and run to the door and tell me “big, fat, juicy one, oooo” (even if its a little skinny squirmy one).

We are going camping this weekend and I am so excited (and semi nervous) to see how you like it.

I love you my sweet boy. 



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