Well we have been here a little over two months now so I just thought it was time for a short and sweet update.

Overall, we are doing very well and I am so so thankful for the contentment and peace and new normal the Lord has provided through this big transition.

Jobs – 

  • Micah is doing well in his new position and not only is he doing well but he really likes it! 
  • I didn’t know how working remotely would be for our family but let me tell you it is the biggest blessing. It works so well for the phase of life we are in and I am just in awe at the Lord’s provision. 

Home – 

Whenever, people ask me if I like Frederick, I say I think so! The truth is I do not get out of my house a lot. Which after the craziness of last year is honestly fine by me. We go out to eat at local restaurants sometimes, grocery stores, visit people, try churches, Home Depot, etc but mostly I stay put. However, I seriously could not love our neighborhood more and I love our townhouse too. There are sidewalks, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, pools, a pond, a pizza place – it’s just sweet. We have met a couple neighbors, there are a lot of kids here. From our home we can see both playgrounds so we may or may  not purposefully go out sometimes when we see kids Haddon’s age 🙂

Friends – 

There is one family specifically that has been SO sweet to us in our new neighborhood – had us over for steak dinner the first night we met, invited us to their church, a game night, brings baked goods, the mama helps watch Haddon, they have just been awesome. They have a 2 year old little girl and a 1 year old little boy. Another family we already knew but are enjoying getting to know better – The Rennies! We went to the same church in Harrisonburg and to JMU. It has been fun to dine with them, Laura is my go-to for any questions and an amazing baker/cook. We look forward to our relationships growing with them. OH and since it’s not a secret anymore… they are having a baby this fall so we are super excited to live life next to them during this time. Micah meets people to play tennis… 

Church – 

This has been the one super hard part for us. We have checked out maybe 4… but we have been out of town so much on the weekends its been hard and that doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon for the summer months. We desperately miss being part of a church community. We are praying about being part of a Acts 29 church plant but it wouldn’t launch for another year… and we don’t want to go that long without being plugged in and serving somewhere. So please pray.

Family – 

We are so so glad to be together. It’s just wonderful. You try not to and you say you dont take every day for granted, but seriously “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. I didnt realize how hard it was on me to live without Micah during those couple months before we left. We looked at it as no big deal, we have a strong marriage, its just a couple months. While true… we made it through.. I would never want it again. I have so much respect for different types of families now. All that to say, we LOVE being together. We love living with our best friend again. We love parenting together. We love sleeping next to each other. We love getting on each other’s nerves (well sort of). Anyway, you get the picture we are so happy. Plus, its a huge added bonus to be close to our parents. They help with Haddon frequently and we just get to hang more in general. My parents are even close enough to come for like a meal and then go home.

Okay, I said short and sweet. So there is a little about the Downs lately!



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