22 Months.

Oh my little love.

You are such a boy these days and while you are starting to venture out from being called mama’s baby you prefer little man over big boy.

How will you be two in two short months?!

I seriously never imagined loving a toddler as much as I not only love you but like you and enjoy being around you. Every day is so funny, yes, they often have hard moments, but those don’t outweigh the joy you bring to your daddy and me.

Your memory astounds me. Seriously, you remember things that happened months ago.

You are starting to count more.

You love to sweep and clean the dishes. It is kind of more work for me in the long run but I definitely don’t want to stifle that desire so most of the time I let you help.

You try to sing your ABCs, you do pretty well. Whenever you see letters, you either call them “ABC or WYX” haha

You LOVE to read your little golden books.

You are still insanely obsessed with trucks, cars, really anything with wheels.

When you start running I don’t know how your little body will ever slow down but it always does.

You had two “injuries” this month that involved falling into mulch and scraping up your face and touching a lawnmower that had just been on and burning your pointer finger a little bit. So now when we go outside you announce “MULCH” and “HOT”. Like I said, you don’t really forget things…

We have to have more talks now that you are getting older and so vocal about things when you disagree but your heart is so teachable and I am forever grateful for that.

You like to watch yourself on video a lot… “watch Haddon!”

You also have a sensitive spirit and hate to disappoint, sometimes if I start talking to you in a stern voice you yell: MAMA and I remind you, “son, mama is not mad at you I am just teaching you (whatever it is at that moment)…”

Overall, your communication is excellent and so we rarely get too frustrated with each other because we just talk it out.

One of my very favorite things that you say is: “I blessed”. If you sneeze and I say “God bless you” you reply with “I blessed”. You get if from your dad who always says that as well. It has carried over to burping and tooting. You say “scuse me” after you do it and then I say “you’re excused” and then you say “I blessed”. It’s the cutest.

You are quite the little repeat, we have hit the age where we need to mind what we say around you…. here are some of the things you say on a regular basis though:

“Mom, pooped! Change ya”

“Want a couple”

“Want all of them”

“I’m coming”


“Don’t touch it”

“That dananan” (dangerous)

“Be careful”

“Don’t spill it”

“Hold you” or “Mama hold”

“Want to see it”

“Want to hold it”

Sometimes I forget you are still so little because you act like such a big boy.

Two things I am nervous for in the coming months and have no idea the right way or time to do them:

1)      Transitioning you out of a crib

2)      Taking your pacifier… I don’t even like to think about it


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