My Media Free Month.

That break was SO refreshing. I definitely needed it.

I totally recommend that you consider if it would be a good thing for you. Even if it isn’t for a whole month just to take breaks or set limits or have purpose in your social media habits!

Go read this blog and then this blog. She articulates better than I ever could.

Was it hard? Somewhat.

There were so many things I wanted to ask the people’s opinion for during last month.

For example:

  • How do you vacuum carpeted stairs? Especially, with a heavy Dyson…
  • What do you do when your 1.5 year starts burping and farting and then announcing it? Even, if he does say “cuse me” at the end.

Overall though, I loved my break and will probably do it again. Maybe not for a whole month but take time to just remove myself when I feel it’s necessary or real life has a lot going on that day, etc.

I think going forward one thing I will do to help me use my time wisely is not put that Facebook icon back on my phone. I keep my computer downstairs in the basement and I’m on it all day long for work. So I rarely retreat back to the basement during the evenings. I think that will help me not scroll so much at night when I could use my time to be with my boys, cook, prepare for the next day, read, etc!

Speaking of reading, I did it so much more than I normally do. The bible, books, to my son… I just had more time to read when I wasn’t reading statuses.

Have you thought about taking a break? What’s stopping ya?!

Also… seriously, how do you vacuum carpeted stairs? Still haven’t done it… yes, I moved a month ago.


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  1. I have a vacuum that comes apart. So it’s a stand up vacuum, and transforms into a small manageable canister vacuum that is perfect for stairs. With the dyson, maybe see if there is an attachment to give it a long hose, so you can have the vacuum sitting at the top or bottom of the stairs, and then have a long stick attachment to reach the stairs.

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