Marriage Mondays.

We got to witness a wedding this past weekend.

I love weddings and the parties afterwards. Except as a side note, I cry every.single.time a mom dances with her son now. Ever since I had Haddon I just cant handle it. haha

Kevin talked out of the book of Colossians, which is a trip down memory lane because Bill taught out of that book for Micah and I’s wedding.

You know the sweet, lovey dovery, promise to do this, promise not to do that speeches that happen?

Married people you already know this, but those promises arent kept. Not on your power alone anyway.

Unmarried people when you make those vows to each other, that covenant, know that you need a higher power than the two of you.

I remember the first time I watched our wedding video. I cried and cried at that part.

Not because we didnt have a happy marriage we did and we do, BUT there is some ugly in it. Not constantly but it happens.

Fortunately, we forgive, we offer grace, we love without keeping records of wrong (well at least try not to), we look to the ultimate example of love.

Yes that wedding day involves lots of decision making and will be a great day to remember! Probably one of your most top three ever. Those butterfly feelings wont be there every day.

Its the nitty gritty every day interactions that really shape your relationship though. We need a shaper bigger than ourselves.

The one who made us, molded us, knows our selfishness inside and out, and died for it so that we could truly see an example of real love and then love in return. 





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