Teaching Moment Thursday.

Being a mama is one of my greatest joys.

Every day I get to impact this soul. Sometimes the responsibility of it can seem like a burden if I am being honest, but I remind myself of God’s truth it is a huge BLESSING. 

We are entering the stage of working on “the heart”. I have this little independent man who I want to let learn and grow and discover himself but also balancing that with obedience. The Lord says children are to obey their father and mother.

Well I’ve realized that I need to stop asking questions so much?

“Haddon, do you want to go take a bath?” “no”

“Haddon, do you want to get your diaper changed?” “no way”

“How about we go upstairs now, OK?” “no”

um… okay here is the deal. Of course he doesn’t want to go take a bath if he is playing with trains!

As he grows older he will have ample opportunity to voice his opinion and get a say in how things are done. However, I have realized he is not even two yet. When mama says something, Haddon needs to obey. Right away. All the way. With a joyful heart. The way we are supposed to obey God.

“It is time to take a bath now, let’s go.”

“Haddon, you have a dirty diaper, mama is going to change it.” 

“Time to go upstairs for lunch, beat you there!”

I just finished “Dont Make Me Count to Three” I totally recommend it for anyone entering the “obedience/discipline/heart change” stage.

She encourages moms to require obedience, from a young age, without having to count to three to get that obedience.

As the title hints… when we count to three we are teaching our kids they don’t have to obey us right away, they get three chances to obey us. Disobedience the first two times is not obeying, she uses the term “delayed obedience is not obedience”. It’s been really encouraging as I start this with Haddon.

If he doesnt come when I call him to head up for the night, I say, “Haddon God wants you to obey mama right away, all the way, with a happy heart, do you think we could try that again?” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. We just started this week. 

I can see good effects already. When I use “right away, all the way, with a joyful heart” he looks at me like wow she is serious.

You can say it in a super sweet way, you can say it sternly, I’m sure for each kid and situation it will be different!

Mamas, encourage your babies to obey you which in turn is preparing their hearts to obey God.

*dont be worried they will be mad at you either – we love with authority and they learn to respect and love us for it*




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  1. Sarah, i find myself thinking about how to reword questions already. I find myself asking Sela “Are you practicing patience right now” all the time and obviously if I’m asking that she’s not haha. Trying to remind myself to practice how I word things now so it will come more naturally to me when she’s older and I need to be more careful.

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