Marriage Monday.

“Never ever expect me to know what you are thinking”

It was either right before or right after Micah and I got married when he said those words.

Those words that shed light on the fact that no matter what my nonverbals were saying he wasn’t going to know, and even moreso he wasn’t going to try and guess.

Due to my husband just throwing that out there early on, I think we have become pretty good communicators. Yes of course, there is always room for growth.

It does the both of us a huge disfavor for the both of us though for me to pretend like he will “get it” if I just don’t talk to him about things.

Wives– don’t ever expect your husband to know what you are thinking, just talk to them, you actually end up saving a lot more time, emotional energy, and thoughts this way.

Husbands – be the type of guy your wives can freely and lovingly talk to, no matter what the situation.


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