21 Months.

Haddon you are almost two!

While still absolutely delightful you are definitely showing your more independent, rebellious, stubborn side…silly me. I knew you were born a sinner but I thought those things might have passed you…

Nope, they are there but we are learning together how to deal with them and most of all you are a joy and gift from the Lord. Including those other times because who doesn’t need some sanctification… and those moments are sanctifying for the both of us!

Plus, I don’t know how much of this new stuff is “you” and how much is you acting out because of all the change you have had occur.

I cherish our time together and cant believe how quickly these years are going. I absolutely love being your mama.

You are starting to show a silly and humorous side. You love to get a reaction from people. In fact, the first thing out of your mouth when dada gets home is “mama’s bed” and then you tease him until he tickles you getting you to say “daddy’s bed”.

You are obsessed with little golden books right now. Particularly, “happy truck” – actually known as “The Happy Man and His Dump Truck”. In the story, the man has a dump truck and he takes animals on a ride. The first animal that rides is a pig and now you always get your little toy pig and put him in your own toy trucks.

I love seeing you put things together. Watching you grow is such a blessing to daddy and I and we being able to do it together again!

You like to help now. Except your help with the dishes actually looks like a lot of water being wasted and clothes needing to be changes. Your help with sweeping looks like my pile of dirt being distributed to every where but the dust pan. Most of all your help looks like an independent little boy with a servant’s heart in the making and a desire to learn. The “extra time” is worth it every time.

You love me a lot lately! I’m okay with it. You’re one of my very favorite people in the world.

We read our bibles together in the morning while you eat oatmeal and pick out all the strawberries first.

You love to play at your new playground and seem to be really enjoying your new house.

Your new house has stairs and while you do have fun going up and down them by yourself, your new favorite phrase is “mama hold”.

You are starting to put more than two words together and form your own little two and three word sentences… I cant believe you are almost talking to us. Of course dada and I understand you way more than anyone else… but that’s besides the point.

You make funny faces and have as of late started to announce when you burp and when you toot toot… such a boy.

Such a sweet, fun, and darling 21 month old boy!


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