Foodie Friday.

We had our friends over on Tuesday for dinner and in In honor of St Patricks’s Day the day before I wanted something slightly Irish.

Shepherd’s Pie is a winner of a meal any day and this version was no exception! Except I did change it up a little of course with what I had. I dont think I ever follow a recipe exactly… except for maybe baking, no… scratch that I always add more vanilla and sometimes add less sugar. Anyway!

This recipe comes from the Food Network.



My adjustments:

– I used ground beef instead of lamb

– Due to not using lamb and me being out of thyme I used sage and omitted the rosemary. I am obsessed with sage flavor and rosemary goes a lot better with lamb than ground beef.

– I did not add peas because our guests didnt love them, but I actually doubled the recipe and added peas to the other one that I froze.

– In addition to onion and garlic, I added a little celery because I dont like to waste what is in my fridge.

– I didnt add the egg to the potatoes. I made a TON and kept some and so I didnt want raw egg in it. They still “crisped” up nicely when it baked.

– Instead of covering the whole dish I plopped down serving sizes of the taters. I thought it looked better!

I really enjoyed this and will definitely be using this version of Shepherd’s Pie for a while.


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