Teaching Moment Thursday.

I almost don’t even want to write today…I’ve had a couple of minor mom fails this week that could leave me crying in a corner. However, God in his graciousness made children forgive quickly and fully and for that I am so thankful. Here is a small one to make you laugh before I go on: I was working out the other day, I just do those little videos in the living room if I don’t feel like going for a run, Haddon was trying to feed me carrots. I wasn’t paying attention and just chomped down like you would on a carrot… except it wasn’t a carrot. Yep, and I didn’t realize it because I was distracted with working out until he started wailing. He got over it in less than a minute as I was smothering him with kisses telling him I thought his finger was a carrot. On the up… I think he thought it was the carrots fault that his finger felt that way! Anyway…

Yall might think I’m straight bonkers for this “teaching moment” but I don’t mind.

A teaching moment that I don’t get often these days because I don’t wear it unless I am going to see people besides my family… but when I do get it I try to take full advantage and have taught him this since all he could do was stare at me.

When I put on my makeup I tell him it’s mama’s mask and that it is silly. I also tell him not to touch mama’s masks… now that he is into everything.

You see I wish completely comfortable in my own skin and I am more than I was at 20, but still. I still like to “get ready”. Whether that be with make up, doing my hair, wearing a cute outfit, etc. None of which are sins!

The acts can be sinful though and if you don’t believe that ask yourself WHY you feel better with them and tell me if there is one iota of God’s truth in why a cute outfit makes us feel more self worth. Why wearing make up makes us feel more beautiful, etc. It all comes down to issues of the heart of course.

I don’t want my son to think a woman needs to wear make up. We don’t, women. We are fine just the way God made us. Our hair color. Our eyelashes. Our wrinkles as we are getting older and have years of smile squints. It’s fine just the way it is. We have bought into the lies that culture feeds though.

I don’t want my son to. Or a daughter if I have one of those someday. How are we supposed to tell them not to buy into it though if we do it?

Don’t get me started on the amount of time and money spent on this habit of ours either…

Well, we can stop buying into it (easier said than done) or we can at least be honest about it and call it like it is.

Son, mama struggles with this. God says beauty is one thing and the world tells me its another and sometimes I listen to the world more than God. I think I’ll stick with this is “mama’s mask” for now, but when he is older… I’ll be honest about why I do my hair and make up.


Do you struggle with this?

If you don’t, how did you combat the lies early? or later for that matter?


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I struggle with the make-up and getting ready too. It makes me feel good about myself :/ BUT we were camping this weekend, and I didn’t wear any makeup at all! Oliver says he doesn’t understand why I wear it because he thinks I’m beautiful 🙂 anyway, it’s a struggle for me too.

  2. Good questions! Honestly, I hadnt really thought about it… usually I get ready without the kids around (except Zeke on occasion) so I dont know what I’d say if he asked me why I put on makeup. Today, at the kids museum, Zoe was putting on face paint with a q-tip… it was funny to watch her and she kept smiling at herself in the mirror. I sure hope that was just a simple “look at me smear color all over my face and up my nose” kind of smile… definitely stuff to pray about. This whole mom thing is no joke!!! 🙂

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