Foodie Friday.


This recipe is from Martha Stewart’s website and so are the images.

Beth came to see us and we drank wine and cooked dinner together (even Micah cut off all the fat, I hate that part) then stayed up till the very last hour of the night talking. I don’t really recommend trying new recipes with new guests, but Beth is such a good friend I figured what the heck. I used this recipe because it looked tasty and I had almost all the ingredients.



Until I can be original and take my own pictures, etc. Let me tell you about my modifications.

– I subbed roasted tomatoes for the peppers because that’s what we had.

– I added more garlic because… it’s delicious.

– I SHOULD have had it on a lower setting or added more water… a lot of the rice burnt to the bottom of the pan and the rice that didn’t was a little crunchier than its supposed to be. However, thankfully you couldn’t taste “burnt” – you know what I mean, where everything is ruined because of the bottom? It wasn’t like that at all! It also cleaned up easily.

Neither, Beth or Micah cared about the burnt/crunchy rice and its a recipe I will try again for sure (just on a lower setting and with some more water).

What are you cooking this weekend?


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