Teaching Moment Thursday.

One of my very favorite things about our current situation is more relaxation, less rushing.

It is amazing how much time you save when you don’t have to get ready, pack lunches, clean diapers the night before, pack bags, etc.

As such, I have had time to read again in the morning! Praise God. That was a very neglected area of my life for the past year.

Now here is the thing, either I truly am not a morning person (no surprise there) or I am still catching up on sleep from months of stress. Either way, my boys get up before me. So my quiet times don’t look very “quiet” per say… Lately, they happen at breakfast with Micah trying to get out the door and Haddon by my side.

I could either

a)      Choose to feel guilty that I am not getting up early and having real solitude with God

b)      Know that this is a season and be an example in front of my family even if it’s not as quiet and focused as it could be

I choose the later!!

At first, I would just sit at the table with my own bible, but then I realized someone was paying attention to me. “Mama’s bible, mama’s bible” (we have a little Pete the repeat on our hands, not only with what we say but with what he says too).

So now, when I get out my bible I get out Haddon’s and this little devotional book he has. He sits at the table with me and turns through the pages, commenting on pictures, and mumbling. Sometimes he interrupts me to “ead”. I always take a break from my own reading and read at least one of the stories to him.

Haddon says things like “oh my gosh” and “no way” neither of which I taught him, well… purposefully. He learned them from me though (we think). I often say those things without realizing it, and now that someone is copying us a lot, well, we realize our importance.

These little eyes and ears, they are watching and listening and learning and growing by our every move.

Lord, help me steward him well and be as purposeful as possible just as much in what I don’t do as in what I do. Help me lead Haddon to be a disciple of yours.

I am trying to be very purposeful about how good it is to read about God.

What is an area you try to be very purposeful in to be an example? It doesn’t even have to be a parenting example.

Where do you try to be an example?



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  1. I had not checked in a while, but good to catch up and read your blogs. So glad to hear you are in a season of more rest and I pray that these new routines and such will continue to bring that good rest. Miss you.

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