Out of the Rubble.

I can breathe again. I can see the light. It’s really shiny and bright, so I have to wince a little and I still don’t know what is in front of us exactly, but it doesn’t even matter, I am sure of His faithfulness to see us through. No matter what today, tomorrow, or this week hold. He has already gone before us. He already knows our days.

The past three months were filled with more stress than a person should allow their lives to be filled with at one time and boy did I feel it. I knew it was a season and so I made up my mind to endure, but I almost burnt out trying.

I am reading Margin by Richard Swenson (side note: if you even feel a little bit “too busy” – do yourself a favor and read this book. I know, I know you are too busy. Just put your phone away for 30 minutes each night and punch away at it). Anyway, I was relaxing last night and reading this book and every source he was listing off for being on the brink of burn out due to being overloaded I had happening in my life the last 3 months. Every.single.one.

Can you relate to any of them?

  • Activity Overload
  • Change Overload
  • Choice Overload
  • Commitment Overload
  • Debt Overload
  • Decision Overload
  • Expectation Overload
  • Fatigue Overload
  • Hurry Overload
  • Information Overload
  • Media Overload
  • Noise Overload
  • People Overload
  • Possession Overload
  • Technology Overload
  • Traffic Overload
  • Work Overload

The weight was crushing.

It’s no wonder I got sick 4x in the past couple months, lost weight, drank more than I’d like to admit, was making purchases to the point I asked my husband for accountability, resorted to weird habits like picking at my feet (don’t ask), etc!

Our bodies are not meant for the kind of weight we subject them to. It’s for a good reason the good Lord tells us to REST. Our bodies need it to not only thrive, but just survive.

So, a week here in our new season and I am coming out of the rubble (and boxes).


I am starting to feel great – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically – the best in months. Well,  emotionally is questionable since I miss my friends already… haha

I am just so overcome with gratitude and awe to my Heavenly Father for getting us through that season and putting so many friends and family in our lives to come along side and help us reach the end of that season. Seriously, I cant thank Him or y’all enough.

He is faithful.


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