20 Months.

You sweet thing.

This has been a hard month in terms of anxiety for you. Your separation from da has turned into major separation anxiety and it comes off in clinginess to me. I definitely like that you love me but um multiple times a night isn’t necessary, k? ;)…

Some of my favorite things are…

You LOVE to sing different songs. In the car, if you decide you are done singing or even talking to me really, you shout “MUSIC” – I can take a hint…

You yell your daddy’s name “miCAH” and can say mine too. You are starting to be able to say Haddon “Isaiah”.

You just love little babies and like to say their names and then say “cute”. So for example, “Addy’s cute”. You tell me “mama’s cute” too. I have your future little brother or sister’s names picked out for if God should choose to bless us with them someday and sometimes I ask you to say them to see which you can say the easiest…

You finish songs that you are familiar with when we take turns singing.

You can help read with a select few of your favorite books. If we stop and let you interrupt, often times you have the correct words. Your memory astounds me.

You are learning to count but so far only really get, 1-3 and then go immediately to 8 its hilarious. Then you can get 8-10. I’m not sure where the others go but we might have to practice with blueberries or cheerios.

You point to our print in the hallway and say “train up” – I melt every time, thanks for reminding me of my job buddy.

You started to love these particular books about Jesus and ask to read them every day. One of my best Amazon purchases ever. As much as I love the Jesus Storybook Bible it doesn’t grasp you yet, too many word and too much to look at I think.  These are perfect for your age. Sometimes you will read them on your own as well.

You have a sweet tooth – big time. I try not to feed it often but it is also really fun seeing you enjoy things so much. We took some cookies to the neighbors and you were not old enough to understand why we weren’t eating them, but you still gave them away.

This is our last weekend here Haddon, here in Newport News. Where you were born and raised for the first year and a half of life. You wont remember so sometimes that makes it easier to leave but it makes it harder as well.

When we take walks you know which house is yours. You know where MiMi lives and you can even tell in the car seat when we get on our road – “almost home”.

One thing that makes it hard is that you are so loved here little boy. People know you here. Not just as another little toddler boy but they really love you Haddon. I am praying for new friends for you and new people to love you well like our friends here.

I will cherish our pictures and memories here and remind you of your very first friends.

When we talk to you about your “new house” I tell you all the things that will be there, and always end it with, but most importantly – DA!

We’re going to be living together as a family in 3 days, at our “new house” that will over the days, weeks, and months become our home.


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