March Madness.

I’ll be taking the month of March to be away from social media, and I am going to prayerfully considering my “presence” for when I come back.

My fingertips are far too acquainted with icons.

It really bothers me that sometimes my mind ACTUALLY thinks in posts or hash tags.

I absolutely love staying “up to date” with yall to tell you the truth. I love people.

I love knowing how I can pray,

What makes you joyful,

What you are struggling through,

What kind of things you think or funny,

What kind of ideas you give me,

What is going on with your businesses and jobs,

What happens in your home with pictures and quotes,

I will miss you for sure! I will be tempted to check on you often.

It’s a hard time to do this as we are moving next week and I know I will be lonely at first. I don’t want that void to be filled with instant gratification.

I will be keeping up with the blog (hopefully) and can be reached by email, snail mail, and phone. Seriously, I’d love to hear from you and I’m sure many of you will hear from me (but probably after I unpack/set up my house).

I am undecided about if I will be checking blogs or not… but with no access to Facebook or Instagram I will probably see them less regardless.

I’m not doing this for lent, to be legalistic (if I need to see a baby picture, then golly, I will look) or to prove anything to myself but rather to free my mind and heart from many “things” for a while.

Less of me (and sorry, you) and more of Him and focus on my family and the roles I am being called to fill at this time.

Please message me within the next week and a half if you want an email address, phone number, or physical address.



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