Part 2: Our New Home

Part 2: Our New Home

We are moving to Frederick, MD! I have been so eager to announce this for months but I didn’t want to make it “Facebook official” (what the heck – when did that become a term anyway?) until it was a done deal.  Well we signed our next 30 years over today so that sounds pretty done to me.

As I mentioned in Part 1, we have been long distance since December.  We have our rental home until March 1st.  I figured I would help earn some more money, stay in our home since we were paying for it anyway, and see friends.  I am very thankful for a gentle transition to leaving friends, church, my job, and home the last 3 years.

Micah was transferred to the MD/NOVA area, it is a large territory with highly trafficked roads.

Here are some major things we had to weigh while considering a new house:

  • Community
  • Traffic
  • Money
  • Time
  • Church
  • Standards
  • Contentment
  • Oh my!

As you can see, that list doesn’t even include the normal “what to look for IN a home” type list.  That was a big struggle for me.  I wanted to look for my “dream” home.

When we started the hunt, I told Micah to pray for us because I thought we were going to fight more in the next couple months than ever in our relationship.  I also reached out and asked friends to pray for us to have unity.

I can honestly say Micah and I were more united in house hunting than I could have ever dreamed possible.  I am so thankful to God for that and to friends and family for praying.

Someday I will write about what God is teaching my wretched heart about contentment, satisfaction, and standards through this process, as I’m sure it will become even more apparent as I have a new home to decorate, etc.

Without further ado, here is our first home:


image image

It is a three story townhouse with three beds and 2.5 baths.  I’ve never had so many toilets in a house in my whole life!

It’s in a sweet little neighborhood with sidewalks, a pool, a tennis court, basketball court, playgrounds, etc.  You pass a farm to get to the neighborhood!   If you have been to my parents house before you know why I love this so much.

It was very important for us to put down 20%.  We aren’t Dave Ramsey “followers” per say, but he does have some great advice.  Doing the math that you pay in  interest over 30 years alone makes my head spin – so with the added mortgage insurance we just didn’t want to put down less than that, which is why we didn’t buy a couple years ago and I guess now it’s a good thing that we didn’t.

Someday, I will also probably write about what it feels like now that my “security blanket” is gone… or at least in the dryer for the next 30 years…

Thanks to living at friend’s places for a few months over the last few years (Feldman and Borges family – special shout out to yall!), working hard, and not always having the latest and greatest we were able to do it.

I am so excited for a place to call our own!  I’ve never painted one room of the four places that we have lived in together and I am SO excited to move in and make it ours.

We closed TODAY and will move in at the end of February (once all the painting and what not is finished).

As thrilled as I am, it is so bittersweet to leave.  Transition is hard.  Please pray for a church, for community, for people to minister to and people to minister to us, and also… that I learn how to budget!


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