Part 1: Micah’s Job.

For months we had been curious about what was going to happen with Micah’s job. 

In November, he was offered a promotion to be a Territory Sales Manager.  We are so thankful!

He has been in his new position since December 2nd

Not only did he get the new job, but his best friend Andrew is his Field Sales Coordinator.  Micah referred Andrew to Nixon last year, so to have them working in the same territory is like their dream come true.

It is so encouraging to see the way God has always carefully laid our plans.  When he first heard about Nixon (his company) we thought the opportunity sounded a little crazy.  Micah didn’t have sales experience; it wasn’t in his field of study at all, etc.  However, we had a baby coming and he wanted to provide for his family and so he took it!

What a blessing that open door has turned out to be…

We have been working so hard together this past year and a half – outside the home, inside the home, with church, to maintain relationships with friends and family, etc.

Micah is a man of integrity.  He is kind.  He is cute.  He is honest.  He is godly.  Really, I could go on and on.  I want to be more like my husband when I grow up.

I am so so proud of him.

With this promotion came a transfer and so we have been long distance except on the weekends since the end of November.

That stuff is no joke.  I have a new respect for military families and single parents.



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