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19 Months.

We have a lot of life happening right now and sometimes it feels like we can hardly catch our breath.

Nothing like the pace of a child to remind you to slow down and focus on what matters though 🙂

Haddon is 19 months old today and this is the first month I haven’t prepped his monthly blog post a little ahead of time.  We have just been so busy.

Micah and I are long distance right now and so Haddon doesn’t understand that… he misses his da and is starting to understand that da comes for a little bit (weekends) and then leaves for a while. Micah and him have this new thing where they smell Haddon’s feet and Micah acts so dramatic and pretends they smell, he falls on the floor, makes crazy faces, you get the picture… Haddon thinks this is the best thing in the world.

If we Facetime… he holds his feet up to the phone.  If we are driving and Micah is on speaker, Haddon is in the back with his feet in the air.  One time we were home alone and Haddon found a picture of Micah and him and stuck his foot up to the frame… oh boys.

He is still associating really well and its so cute.

He calls Micah’s dad “Pa – icecream” because over Christmas he gave him a lot of Hagen-Daaz.

He calls my dad “Pa-wind” because over Christmas it was windy at my parent’s house and Haddon was very curious about the sound and so my dad taught him about wind… haha I told him he better come up with something cooler than wind by the time Haddon is three.

My siblings all got Haddon things with wheels for Christmas… Tim got him a truck, Caleb a place, and Stephanie his first Brio train set!  He calls it boo boo’s train. Once he picked up a frame and kissed it and when I said who were you kissing, he said: boo boo.  He also associates my phone with Stephanie because they Facetime a couple times a week.  So if I pick up my phone he asks for her.

Also, he is always putting things in the craziest of places… his trains, trucks, and stuff… Ill find them behind the toilet, frames, etc!

He is getting a lot more picky and voices a lot more of his opinions… if I get out one of his bibs and he sees a different one, “no – that one”, likewise with drink cups…

He is getting a lot clearer in his speech, although I think his favorite word right now is “no”.  He says it in the cutest, sliest way… (of course).

His memory is sharp – he has mastered a couple puzzles.  He is like an elephant that never forgets… I spilled coffee all over the kitchen the other week and he is still calling it “uh oh – boken” (I had to lift the stove to clean it up) no matter how many times I say “no Haddon mama cleaned it up, its all fixed!”  Micah changed a light bulb a couple months ago and he still calls the light “boken”.

He is into singing right now…some of his personal faves: wheels on the bus (which he calls “up and down”), twinkle twinkle (which he calls “star”), 5 little monkeys (which he calls “no moe monkees”).

He is still really into the little blue truck, buses, and now trains.  I think we may do a planes, trains, and automobile 2nd party! I still have a little time to decide… haha

He sort of helps me clean before we go to bed at night.  He will see that I start to put away his toys before its almost time I guess, and he will start singing “keen up, keen up”.  Sometimes its just a couple pieces but hey I will take what I can get!  I’ve started organizing his toys more and I think it is reallllly helping him know that everything has a place. When Micah came home and saw it last weekend he was a little appalled.  My husband doesn’t love to keen up.  love you babe xo

Micah taught Haddon who the bible is about… “jeesas”

He makes this cute little face where his whole mouth goes into the shape of an oval when he hears something.  He looks at you to either a) tell him what it is or b) tell you what he thinks it is.  I love seeing this creature God made develop daily, life is so incredible.

There are so many things I never want to forget… but those are what come to mind!

We are so thankful for every day with this boy.


These Things.

Living long-distance sure has its struggles.

For Micah, it’s more mental/emotional exhausting I would say… he misses Haddon.

For me, it’s more physically exhausting… I miss his help with Haddon.

Micah is a rad dad and that led to him doing most of the driving to and from the babysitters – which was awesome.  I saw Haddon last in the morning at the house and I would see him in the evenings at the house.  Most of the time Haddon doesn’t even care when I drop him off, he loves his babysitters and he loves his little friends.  It’s those times that he runs to the door and says mama that get me though.

Anyway, one thing I appreciate about being the one to drive him now is that we get sing time and prayer time together.  We pray for daddy, our days, our babysitters, etc.

This morning I had to wake Haddon up because I had an early meeting.

So in the car, I was praying “and thank you God for waking us up in warm clothes, with a warm roof over our heads and food to eat,” and then I added “with these things we shall be content”.

Then I teared up and got quiet – “so please help us be” and… “show us why we aren’t, in your son’s name, amen”. (backseat: “AMEN”)

I was reading this morning in my devotional about how we need to get quiet with God in order to let him teach us who we truly are.  When we think we are good and have figured ourselves out we are in a dangerous place.  In a very short summary, the devo was saying how God will keep bringing things up in different ways until we learn.

So instead of my quick half-hearted prayers of repentance (sometimes I don’t even think it counts as true repentance), I am seeing more and more clearly I need to not pray quick spurts of “Lord, please fix me”, “help me not xyz”.  I need to get to the root of my discontentment, jealously, envy, pride, etc and let Him shine the truth down in the dark soil so that He can bring it to light and make it beautiful.

I need to quit asking for the brown leaves to get cut off and instead uproot the ugly mess.

Anyone ever feel like this!?

But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. – 1 Timothy 6:6-8

Part 1: Micah’s Job.

For months we had been curious about what was going to happen with Micah’s job. 

In November, he was offered a promotion to be a Territory Sales Manager.  We are so thankful!

He has been in his new position since December 2nd

Not only did he get the new job, but his best friend Andrew is his Field Sales Coordinator.  Micah referred Andrew to Nixon last year, so to have them working in the same territory is like their dream come true.

It is so encouraging to see the way God has always carefully laid our plans.  When he first heard about Nixon (his company) we thought the opportunity sounded a little crazy.  Micah didn’t have sales experience; it wasn’t in his field of study at all, etc.  However, we had a baby coming and he wanted to provide for his family and so he took it!

What a blessing that open door has turned out to be…

We have been working so hard together this past year and a half – outside the home, inside the home, with church, to maintain relationships with friends and family, etc.

Micah is a man of integrity.  He is kind.  He is cute.  He is honest.  He is godly.  Really, I could go on and on.  I want to be more like my husband when I grow up.

I am so so proud of him.

With this promotion came a transfer and so we have been long distance except on the weekends since the end of November.

That stuff is no joke.  I have a new respect for military families and single parents.