18 Months.

Haddon is a year and a half (well on Sunday). What?!  Where did my baby go?

Well, he will tell me he is a baby.

Me: “Haddon are you mommy’s baby or big boy?”

Haddon: (grinning) “baby”

He is SUCH a delightful child – seriously.

He thanks you for changing his bum, giving him his drink, helping him with something, also… when he rips things out of your hand…perhaps that makes it okay to him haha

He is sleeping and eating well despite lots of transition.

We can reason with him – “you can’t get down and play until you eat one more bite”

He learned how to do a shapes “pubble” – mostly memorization… but it’s still awesome to see his gears going.

He is getting more descriptive in his speech.  He pointed to my nightstand and said “mama’s cup”.  This morning, he asked me to “open that”.  I don’t think it will be long before he is really talking!

One of my favorite words he says is: peeeeple (about his fisher price people).

He is a lot more demanding:

“Come?” – When he wants to come if you walk out of a room, etc

“Pull” – When he wants you to pull him on his little blue truck.  I could list so many… really, I think now that he knows what so many things are, and so he wants to express them.

Haddon really knows some of his family members now.  He loves to say “Pa!” and calls his Aunt Stephanie “boo boo”.  She is the queen of peek-a-boo with him and he loves to facetime her.

Haddon is really obsessed with his wubanub (which is pacifier with a stuffed animal attached to it… Micah calls his pacifier a stogie and somehow from that he got doe doe) and blankie.  He literally shrieks when he gets to have those things.  We try to limit them to sleep time so he gets super excited to get in his bed.  So sometimes he will ask to play in his crib so he can have it.  The only picture we have of him smiling from our Christmas shoot is because he was wrapped in his blanket and Micah was waving his dag on doe doe in front of him like bait.

I went on a 5 night business trip to TX this past month (that was hopefully the longest and last time I have to do that) and I did okay except for a couple tears one night.  When I finally saw him, I bawled my eyes out when he ran to me and hugged me.  It’s typical that if I haven’t seen him he will squeeze me and say “mama, mama” over and over and then step back and look at me like… its really you.  I lose it every time.

I am so thankful for this child that points me to the wonder of God and creation, every.single.day.


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