Go Time.

“Go Time” is a phrase we used in college at the ministry house when 4 girls were trying to prepare for a dinner, a bible study, a fellowship hang out, be somewhere with 4 crock pots of chili, etc  We all would bust out everything so quickly if we yelled “go time”!  I loved those years.


I feel like the last two months of life have literally flown by.

We both have SO much going on personally and professionally that some days I really can’t believe it or understand how we do it, and then I remember: by His grace, His gift of faith, and a marriage that with our very different attributes mesh together well to make us a heck of a team, even apart (sans some miscommunication sometimes), also friends and family – ya’ll rock.

I laugh to myself when I think of how God works with us:  wait, wait, wait, do you trust me?  I want you to trust me, okay… GO TIME.

We are still in the wait, trust me phase but are prepared for the go time and have a sliver of a glimpse of what that will look like.

I was telling some family and friends yesterday, it is such a blessing to not be anxious or worried about what is coming.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments, I do.

Overall, I trust in a good and big God who has known my days and the plans for my family before time began…talk about tidings of comfort and joy!  Thank you Christ for giving me a new mind.


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  1. Truth. Go GOD!!!

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