Night Four.

I’m on night four of a business trip.  I have been doing great honestly. 10 – 12 hr days don’t leave a lot of room to miss.  Tonight though when the noise stopped and I got back to my room I missed my boys something fierce.

I love you Micah and Haddon, and I hope you know my most joyful jobs in the world comes from being your wife and mama.  As we go through so much transition and are house hunting, etc.  This week is just more reassurance that I don’t need my dream home.  I just want to be with you two.  My real work and accomplishment come by living out the duties that the Lord has given me through living with you two.

Hearts are fickle.  I know when I get home I will care about square feet and lot size and kitchen appliance year and color, etc.  Maybe it isn’t my heart that is fickle it’s my perspective in general.  I pray my eyes would be fixed on eternal things where Christ is, and not of things of this earth.

I am reminded this week of how much is on this earth.  People that don’t know the Lord.  We can live in our perfect little dream houses and bake the mailman cookies, and visit firemen, etc but unless we point back to why we do the thing we do, why we think the things we think, why we believe the thing we believe, it is for naught.  It isn’t about being the most successful, of the most intelligent, be the light. Be Christ.  That is all you can be, that or self consumed with your identity in the wrong place.

What is this week in light of eternity?  Micah has had more time with friends than if he was home with me wanting to cuddle and clean.  Haddon has had important time with grandmother and Pa.  He will not be ruined because I was away from him for a week.  God forbid I should think something like that and then get sickly and really have to be away from him.  Humans adapt, that is for sure.  I am not Micah’s wife or Haddon’s mama.  If something tragic happened to Micah I would no longer be his wife.  Or the same with Haddon… wherever I am, whoever I am with, I am to be Christ.  Lord help me be more like you.

We get in our heads what life SHOULD look like, let my prayer be… YOUR will Lord, in whatever season, for however long, let me honor you with what is in front of me.

Right now, that means another two nights away.  Whatever is in front of me, help me to sing Halleluyah.


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