17 Months.

Wow.  This month flew, seriously, so many changes, so much travel, so much anticipation and waiting.

We have a lot of answers and are still waiting on some, we will be sure to share the news as is wise but God is so good and is a great Father.

Speaking of great fathers, this one Haddon has…incredible.

At 17 months, Haddon loves his dad.  He loves to wrestle on the floor with him and they do this weird growl thing.  When Micah was out of town a couple days this month I assumed the wrestling role to make up for Micah not being there and Haddon tried to growl at me.

We had some sleep regression this month.  I blame it on molars and both of us being out of town for a few nights.  He is back to normal after a little sleep training – that involved no one picking him up and Micah going in (he is stronger than me) and rubbing his back if he did wake up.

We also had a vegetable strike.  This kid used to eat frozen vegetables that I would stick on his tray.  He would down some peas, frozen green beans, you name it.  Not so much anymore (even if they are cooked)!  I can get him to eat them if they are in macaroni.  He loves some noo noos (noodles).  I also have bribed him with fruit snacks… Micah wasn’t a fan of that one.  Whoops.

Haddon loves to play with anything with wheels.  He could play with toy cars, trains, buses, etc for hours.

He likes to sit on his potty when we sit on ours.

He doesn’t like to lean back in the bath tub to be rinsed but loves if you dump water over his head.

Haddon loves peek-a-boo.  Loves it.

He likes to sit up in the rocker and read to himself.

He can stack blocks a bit better now so is starting to show some interest in that sort of play.

He really likes old Fisher Price toys (bus, phone, airplane, etc) and we have a few ornaments that match some of them.  He loves them – I wonder if he will share in my affection for mini things…

We all had a stomach virus that gave no warning of its coming except – violently puking.

He likes to announce when things are yucky, dirty, broken, or dangerous. On that note, he likes to watch me sweep up his mess after meals, but sometimes he tries to help so that’s nice.

If he falls down he announces: BOOM.

Haddon is really into animal sounds right now.  I love it.  One of my favorites is what the rooster says.  I didn’t teach it to him, so he must have learned it at the babysitter’s house.  One day he looked at his farm puzzle and said coc a oood ooo.  Also, don’t do it around Micah cause he doesn’t prefer it… but ask Haddon what the fox says.

Oh and one of my favorite things this month is that he says “go” – he has been saying go for a couple of months, one of his favorite books (go dog go) obviously helps him capture that one pretty well.  Recently though he says it in a funny way, and I cant describe it here but I think what he means by it is “ready, set, go” because after he says it, he looks for affirmation from me and then starts running! haha I love him.

Another favorite is that he has to pray before eating.  He will close his little hands and say praaaaay, then wait for you to say something, and then at the end (usually a little delayed) say amen.  When I pray over him at night I just start praying but if he is still awake when I am rocking him he will say amen when I’m finished.  I melt.

He also has started telling me: plaaaaay

Me: “Haddon do you think we should get a diaper change/eat/take a bath/go to bed?”

Haddon: “no, plaaaaay”

He is much more affectionate and I am eating that up.  It is so rewarding after over a year of loving someone so hard to have them return the love! haha

It’s just been an interesting month that is for sure, and I’m sure the next couple will be as well.


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