Monthly Archives: November 2013

17 Months.

Wow.  This month flew, seriously, so many changes, so much travel, so much anticipation and waiting.

We have a lot of answers and are still waiting on some, we will be sure to share the news as is wise but God is so good and is a great Father.

Speaking of great fathers, this one Haddon has…incredible.

At 17 months, Haddon loves his dad.  He loves to wrestle on the floor with him and they do this weird growl thing.  When Micah was out of town a couple days this month I assumed the wrestling role to make up for Micah not being there and Haddon tried to growl at me.

We had some sleep regression this month.  I blame it on molars and both of us being out of town for a few nights.  He is back to normal after a little sleep training – that involved no one picking him up and Micah going in (he is stronger than me) and rubbing his back if he did wake up.

We also had a vegetable strike.  This kid used to eat frozen vegetables that I would stick on his tray.  He would down some peas, frozen green beans, you name it.  Not so much anymore (even if they are cooked)!  I can get him to eat them if they are in macaroni.  He loves some noo noos (noodles).  I also have bribed him with fruit snacks… Micah wasn’t a fan of that one.  Whoops.

Haddon loves to play with anything with wheels.  He could play with toy cars, trains, buses, etc for hours.

He likes to sit on his potty when we sit on ours.

He doesn’t like to lean back in the bath tub to be rinsed but loves if you dump water over his head.

Haddon loves peek-a-boo.  Loves it.

He likes to sit up in the rocker and read to himself.

He can stack blocks a bit better now so is starting to show some interest in that sort of play.

He really likes old Fisher Price toys (bus, phone, airplane, etc) and we have a few ornaments that match some of them.  He loves them – I wonder if he will share in my affection for mini things…

We all had a stomach virus that gave no warning of its coming except – violently puking.

He likes to announce when things are yucky, dirty, broken, or dangerous. On that note, he likes to watch me sweep up his mess after meals, but sometimes he tries to help so that’s nice.

If he falls down he announces: BOOM.

Haddon is really into animal sounds right now.  I love it.  One of my favorites is what the rooster says.  I didn’t teach it to him, so he must have learned it at the babysitter’s house.  One day he looked at his farm puzzle and said coc a oood ooo.  Also, don’t do it around Micah cause he doesn’t prefer it… but ask Haddon what the fox says.

Oh and one of my favorite things this month is that he says “go” – he has been saying go for a couple of months, one of his favorite books (go dog go) obviously helps him capture that one pretty well.  Recently though he says it in a funny way, and I cant describe it here but I think what he means by it is “ready, set, go” because after he says it, he looks for affirmation from me and then starts running! haha I love him.

Another favorite is that he has to pray before eating.  He will close his little hands and say praaaaay, then wait for you to say something, and then at the end (usually a little delayed) say amen.  When I pray over him at night I just start praying but if he is still awake when I am rocking him he will say amen when I’m finished.  I melt.

He also has started telling me: plaaaaay

Me: “Haddon do you think we should get a diaper change/eat/take a bath/go to bed?”

Haddon: “no, plaaaaay”

He is much more affectionate and I am eating that up.  It is so rewarding after over a year of loving someone so hard to have them return the love! haha

It’s just been an interesting month that is for sure, and I’m sure the next couple will be as well.



Have you ever asked someone to put reins on you?

I did last week.  I need the accountability in this season of life.

Just to name a few of the heavy on my heart things going on…

–          Lots of travel – mostly personal but some for work.

–          Our company is looking at new office space – long story I won’t go into online but essentially we have one of the nicest pieces of real estate in Newport News and we don’t really need it anymore.

–          Our lease ends at the end of Feb and we have no idea where to (hopefully) buy because:

  • My job – which a lot of you have heard and prayed with me about
  • Micah’s job – we would potentially move if his job were to transfer to a new location or something like that

–          We are getting the desire to add to our family if the Lord sees fit but because of all of the above I am hesitant to say, yes that sounds like a good idea!  Micah doesn’t see an issue with it at all.  Haha – I love his calm steadfastness in all areas of life.

So… when life seems a little out of control, I want to take control – I don’t have the reins and so I want them.

Before I was a Christian this desire to control manifested itself in a lot of unhealthy ways.  This is part of what actually led me to realizing the call on my life and the surrender of self that needed to take place to the One who actually IS in control of all things.

Now that I am a Christian, this desire to control hasn’t gone away.  It has just changed.  I recognize it for what it is.  I have more self-control (sometimes).  I actually don’t worry.  I do trust.  However, I do still get anxious  I want to know what’s next.

God has ALWAYS provided.  He has always let us know what will happen when it was time and guided us sweetly.  Just read about our past transitions.

I have ZERO reason to fear anything.  Yet, I am anxious to know.

So last week I asked Micah to ask me the following on a regular basis:

–          Did you buy anything today?  Did you want to?

–          How much time did you spend looking at houses?

–          Did you eat?

I asked Micah to put those reins on me.

It’s been 6 years since I surrendered to the Lord, but it is a continual process.

To be able to say, I surrender ALL Lord.  Where I will or won’t work, what my husband does, how many kids we have, where we live, what we do with our finances, etc.

Where do you struggle to surrender?  Is it your thoughts?  What you do with your time? Your money? Do you worry?

Praying that I wouldn’t hope in situations, circumstances, money, new homes, children, etc and that I would hope and rest in Him and keep my eyes fixed on eternal things.  Want me to pray for you too?

Psalm 62:5-6

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence,
for my hope is from him.
He only is my rock and my salvation,
my fortress; I shall not be shaken.

If you have ever ridden a horse you know that having reins on a horse isn’t a bad thing.  It’s all about how you guide them.  If the leader is guiding gently it’s a nice ride.  Sometimes we just need a little encouragement or we will go our own way or get paralyzed to where it is comfortable and eat the grass.  So thankful for a husband that desires to live with his wife with understanding, even if we are so different.  I love you sweets.