16 Months.

Gosh.  I can’t even believe how much I love hanging out with a toddler.  We even joke about going to wake him up at night sometimes.  8:30 just comes too fast in the evenings…

He tries to run, which has made this month ending up with a lot of bruises and cuts than previous ones.

He currently is enjoying Elmo, trains, his Melissa and Doug vehicles puzzle (he always pulls out and carries around the bus and fire truck), his fisher price toys, stacking rings (which Micah calls his squizzle stick…), the book go dog go, and the song 5 little monkeys.

He says thank you more often than not when you give him something.  Sometimes even if you help get him “unstuck” or something.  Talk about my heart swelling when he practices unprompted manners.

He will give “bear hugs” sometimes.  It involves growling and squeezing real tight.

This month I have really seen reciprocal affection.  He gives kisses and hugs, and calls for you, etc.  When we play chase or tackle.  He will say “gotcha” if he is doing the tackling.  One time was when I was trying to do a downward dog to my yoga dvd – I guess I was in a vulnerable position!  This is the best and I never want it to end.

He also has been laughing a lot more than I remember.  I feel like he has always been a relatively happy child but he is also a serious little sage! Which is why in almost all pictures he is just staring straight at the camera.  He concentrates hard and when the phone/camera comes out there is only one thing on his mind: button.

Haddon just LOVES babies.  Every time he sees a baby he wants to hug them.  We are working on him being gentle because he is so affectionate with them, much more than with adults!  I love it for the most part and pray that he will be like that when he has a sibling.

Haddon’s vocabulary is continuing to explode, so much so that I don’t even try to keep track anymore unfortunately.  He tries to repeat most things, so there is a lot he can say – even if it’s not the most accurately pronounced yet.

Probably one of my favorite things about this past month has been: association.

He “gets” things now.

Here are some  examples:

1)      Playing with blocks:

Me: “Haddon, look there is a train on this side of your block.”

Haddon: “train” – then he scurried to his room and brought me the book, The Little Engine that Could.

2)      Mornings:

Me: “Haddon you are going to see Miss Jessie and the girls today!”

Haddon: “Dazeeee” – Daisy is Jessie’s daughter

Me: “Haddon you are going to see Miss Dawn and your friends today!”

Haddon: “Zeeeeke”, “No No” (Noelle), “baby” – Zeke, Noelle, and baby Robin and Charlotte are his friends at Miss Dawn’s house

3)      After Mindy leaving our house (Mindy is one of our friends and neighbor and used to watch Haddon, she lives across the street about 4 houses down).

Haddon: looking outside to the left of our storm door.  “Mimi, go? Baby?”

4)      Micah went to Colorado for a few days:

Haddon: “Dada?  Go?”

Me: “Daddy went bye-bye on a plane”

Haddon: looks to the sky, points and says “dada”

and for my all time favorite….

5) Halleluyah

In the car we practice ABCs, sing wheels on the bus, 5 lil monkeys, etc but we will also just practice talking and so I try to get halleluyah as part of his vocabulary.  He has no idea what it means yet but he will try to say it back and its so cute.
The other day a song was on the radio at home and the chorus just sung the word halleluyah in different notes, he stopped playing, looked up and said “hawehuya”. I teared up and then smothered him with kisses and words of affirmation – “yes Haddon, he is singing that!  good job son” etc.

We went hiking and camping this past weekend and Haddon was obsessed with hiking.  Not so much waking up in a cold place… but the hiking part he loved.  He is his daddy’s boy.
He makes animal noises.  My favorite is when he imitates a rooster.
oh – and if he isnt starving, he folds his little hands when we say its time to pray.

We are crazy about this kid.


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