not for long, but it was still so so wonderful.

We haven’t gone on a hike or camped as a family since April.

Saturday we retreated to the Western part of the state for some much needed resetting.

I agreed (the day before) to go on this adventure if a) the camping spots were legal (don’t ask), b) whatever hike we did – Haddon could walk around some too (he loves his pack but he is at the age where he wants to explore too).

I should have also asked about bathrooms… anyway.

Micah took us to a little spot in the George Washington National Forest right beyond Buena Vista and it was so nice.

We ended up getting a later start than anticipated and had some logistical stuff to figure out so we did a pretty short hike but it was just right for the amount of time we had and it was perfect for Haddon.  He had the best time walking on the trail, singing songs as we hiked, and throwing rocks with Micah.

The time reminded me of when Micah and I first were dating and I loved his long beard, hair, bandana wearing, campfire smelling, nature loving self. Its always good to be refreshed and remember the sparks that were kindled back when it was just you two.  We cuddled and talked by the fire (that he worked so hard to build – I love seeing him in his element) as Haddon slept inside his little tent in our tent.

It wasn’t all beautiful – as much as Haddon liked the day before he was not a happy camper when we woke up.  I don’t know if he was cold, hungry, out of his element, etc but I ended up taking him to the car for 5 rounds of go dog go and wheels on the bus while Micah packed up.

let me know if anyone wants tips on traveling to hike/camp with toddlers.  I am learning along the way and can offer what I have so far!

I love mountains and I love my guys.

I may have left my camera phone alone but that doesn’t mean I didn’t document, enjoy a few of my favorites!




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