“New” Job.

I’m not quite sure where to start and how much info to give.  I don’t even have all the details yet…

The main part of this news is that… I thought I was going to get laid off yesterday and instead my boss and manager offered me a new job.

I will remain in the same training/design field creating instructional material and using my degree, working with my co-workers from the last few years on the same contract, reporting to the same office every day (for now), I will just be getting my benefits and pay from another company.  So I won’t be a C2 employee anymore.  That makes me a little sad because I’ve really enjoyed my first job.

However, in this economy – you work where you can to help provide for your family.

So to say I was shocked would be an understatement.

I even told my boss and manager that I have had a box in my car for a week (they kind of laughed).

Once again, my good Father shows me that in NO way, shape, or form can I come up with my own plans.  By the way, I have been trying to come up with a plan for the last couple months. Well, let’s be honest my whole life really.

I have prayed about quitting… but Micah and I weren’t on the same page with that quite yet.

I expected to get laid off.

Never in a million years did I think that this would be an option.

I can look at it as “they let me go” or “they traded me” but you know what I am looking at it as… my God is good and so gentle in transitioning my life and just gave me a job for the foreseeable next 9 months without me having to apply or interview for one.

Consider my mind blown.  I don’t even know what to say, but just thank you.

One of the reasons I am super excited… is because even though I will be reporting to the same office for now, there is huge potential to telecommute in the future.  If there is one “career goal” this mama has – it is to be able to be as available as possible for my family.

I always told Micah if he felt like I was slacking in any home responsibilities – I would quit working right away – no questions asked.  He doesn’t feel that way though and especially while we just have Haddon right now, I think it’s great if I can still help contribute towards the family income, and be able to maintain work/life balance.

I’m just speechless; except for … thank you Abba.  You are too good to us.

I start tomorrow – but at my same desk, with a couple of my favorite “co-workers”.


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  1. Girl this is so awesome!! I love, LOVE how God works… in ways we LEAST expect or think possible. What a great testimony!

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