15 Months.

It’s been a whirlwind of another month pumpkin!

Fall is approaching and with that means lots of full weekends of fall fun.

Probably most significant this month is that this month held the record for longest we have ever been away from you.

At first I thought it would be hardest on me, because you are very easily entertained.  By day 4 I think you missed me.  Good thing I was coming back that day.  Daddy sent me a ridiculously sad but cute video of you looking for me and turning your hands up asking “go?” – which you do whenever anything you like leaves your sight.

As if you didn’t ask where everything “goes” before – it’s so much more now!  No one can leave the room without you asking where “go”?  We tell you we or they are coming back though and then you excitedly shake your head yes and say “back”.  I can’t really tell what you understand with it but you know that “back” is a good thing.

You have had a little trouble with me leaving since I went away… more than you ever have before.  Normally, I could leave you and I would be lucky if you hugged me goodbye.  I am hoping you return to your carefree little self soon.  Except, we are both leaving you next month for a wedding but I am sure you will stay very distracted with all the things NYC has to offer with grandma and aunt Stephanie.  They mentioned buses and carousels!

You have gotten a little bit pickier when it comes to food lately… but it’s an unpredictable pickiness.  So I’m not sure what that is all about yet.

One thing is for sure when it comes to your taste buds, you absolutely love spaghetti.

You also enjoy eating entire apples.  As if you are an adult or something, you like to hold it because it is similar in shape and sound to “ball” and then you eat the whole thing down to the core.

One of my favorite things to do is when I get home and ask you if you want a cracker.  I do this for multiple reasons… some may say it is bribery.  You are usually so enamored with your toys that you don’t want to snuggle but the cabinet that holds your crackers is up high and you let me hold you to get them. Then you hang out with me while we eat a few.  You have started asking me for them if I get home after you so I think you are catching on!  It’s a shame I didn’t start this little ritual with celery or carrots or something… oh well.

You like to get out your “boom” which is kept where mommy keeps her broom, you kind of help… but not really.  I like your efforts though!

We love to play hide and seek and chase each other around the house.  Except… you don’t entirely get it yet.  You only run from me for so long and then you start laughing hysterically and run practically falling into my arms. It is so fun!

There are so many things I am looking forward to this season with you – camping, more apple picking, pumpkin farms, chili tasting, introducing you to the best foods ever, snuggling with you around fires and watching your eyes filled with delight as you cautiously say “hot”, wearing long sleeves and matching boots.

You make life so fun little one!


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