Road to Health: Lemon Water and Apple Cider Vinegar

I incorporated lemon water and apple cider vinegar into my normal routine.

My three reasons:

1)      Diuretic and cleansing properties

2)      Helps control sugar levels

3)      Promotes alkalinity

It started when I couldn’t eat eggs anymore.   I used to eat eggs almost every morning and all of a sudden coffee and eggs were the deadliest mixture for my stomach.  I did some research and figured maybe it was too acidic for me now.

So I started trying to counteract that since there was no way I was not having my morning coffee!  It started with the lemon water which helped my pH balance tremendously.  Then my sister in law recommended the cider.

I haven’t had stomach issues in months and feel great.  I still do love desserts but I don’t “crave” sugar like I used to.

Use real lemon juice and cider with “the mother”.

“The mother” – basically its fermented and not ultra- pasteurized (which burns all the good nutrition out of it).

My dad has been using Braggs for years.  I used to think he was weird.  I get it now.  Does that make me weird too?  So be it.  I feel good.

Try it out for a couple weeks.  You won’t regret it and it won’t break your bank.

PRO: How good I feel

CON: The cider tastes nasty if you take the cider straight up, which can also cause enamel issues (I started mixing mine with water)



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