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15 Months.

It’s been a whirlwind of another month pumpkin!

Fall is approaching and with that means lots of full weekends of fall fun.

Probably most significant this month is that this month held the record for longest we have ever been away from you.

At first I thought it would be hardest on me, because you are very easily entertained.  By day 4 I think you missed me.  Good thing I was coming back that day.  Daddy sent me a ridiculously sad but cute video of you looking for me and turning your hands up asking “go?” – which you do whenever anything you like leaves your sight.

As if you didn’t ask where everything “goes” before – it’s so much more now!  No one can leave the room without you asking where “go”?  We tell you we or they are coming back though and then you excitedly shake your head yes and say “back”.  I can’t really tell what you understand with it but you know that “back” is a good thing.

You have had a little trouble with me leaving since I went away… more than you ever have before.  Normally, I could leave you and I would be lucky if you hugged me goodbye.  I am hoping you return to your carefree little self soon.  Except, we are both leaving you next month for a wedding but I am sure you will stay very distracted with all the things NYC has to offer with grandma and aunt Stephanie.  They mentioned buses and carousels!

You have gotten a little bit pickier when it comes to food lately… but it’s an unpredictable pickiness.  So I’m not sure what that is all about yet.

One thing is for sure when it comes to your taste buds, you absolutely love spaghetti.

You also enjoy eating entire apples.  As if you are an adult or something, you like to hold it because it is similar in shape and sound to “ball” and then you eat the whole thing down to the core.

One of my favorite things to do is when I get home and ask you if you want a cracker.  I do this for multiple reasons… some may say it is bribery.  You are usually so enamored with your toys that you don’t want to snuggle but the cabinet that holds your crackers is up high and you let me hold you to get them. Then you hang out with me while we eat a few.  You have started asking me for them if I get home after you so I think you are catching on!  It’s a shame I didn’t start this little ritual with celery or carrots or something… oh well.

You like to get out your “boom” which is kept where mommy keeps her broom, you kind of help… but not really.  I like your efforts though!

We love to play hide and seek and chase each other around the house.  Except… you don’t entirely get it yet.  You only run from me for so long and then you start laughing hysterically and run practically falling into my arms. It is so fun!

There are so many things I am looking forward to this season with you – camping, more apple picking, pumpkin farms, chili tasting, introducing you to the best foods ever, snuggling with you around fires and watching your eyes filled with delight as you cautiously say “hot”, wearing long sleeves and matching boots.

You make life so fun little one!


A Tug.

I felt a tug this morning driving to work, like today might be important or something.

I checked my calendar… bible study tonight.  That’s special but I don’t feel a tug every Tuesday.

Then I checked my calendar from 2012. 

One Year.

One whole year since I went back to work after my maternity leave.

There is so so much I could say about what I have learned – good and bad about myself.

I don’t want to just talk about myself in this post though.

I also want to thank the ladies who care for my son while I am away from him 40+ hours a week.

Haddon has had a handful of caregivers this year.

Katie, Mindy, Jessie, and Dawn…

Haddon is who he is because of all of us.

We nurture him differently. We feed him differently. We play with him differently. We love him differently.  Yet we all care for him.

Words don’t adequately express how much I have needed you this year. How Micah, Haddon, and I have needed you.

I can go to work without anxiety because the Lord has helped protect my heart and mind from worry.  He has used ya’ll to help take those worries from me. 

As you may or may not be able to tell… I’m slightly type A and a little bit of a control freak. 

The Lord has worked with me on this though… and one of the ways He does this is allowing me to truly and genuinely believe I am not in control of my child’s life, He is. To me that means no matter who is with him, the Lord is Haddon’s ultimate caretaker.

He has allowed you sweet ladies to help me feel secure in his well-being Monday through Fridays.

That’s a big lesson for me to learn… control.  You have helped me learn one of the most valuable lessons I think I ever will.

Thanks for being a part of my sanctification.

I trust you all and appreciate you so much.

I also love that you know him and can share in the joy Haddon’s life brings. That I can talk to you about him. That I can message, call, and ask for pictures and you don’t think I’m crazy (or do you…?) That I can call and ask you for advice because you know his normals and you know his wackies.

Thank you for loving and serving our family the way you do in this season of life.

So I think the tug on my heart is a little bit of sadness that he is growing so quickly, but also a whole lot of gratefulness. A whole year’s worth.


Trace, she’s got a mouth

My dad used to say this all the time.  It comes from a funny WI neighbor that he lived next to growing up.  Trace (Theresa) is my grandma Schneider and this neighbor lady used to always tell her what to do.

Anyway, the message is: use your mouth (carefully of course).  If you don’t ask, you will never know.

Here are the following examples of where I have said you know what… I or someone else purchased this product and it shouldn’t be messed up already.  So I always email or get on live chat because I truly don’t love being on the phone and I just tell the deal and the following companies this year have been amazing and I would recommend their products for many reasons, but in a heartbeat because of their customer service.

SKIP HOP – diaper bag

Problem: My original diaper bag for Haddon was starting to fray after less than a year.

Excellent Service: Sent me $80 credit

PLAN TOYS – a toy camera

Problem: was missing a piece

Excellent Service: Sent me a new one.  So I am saving the original to give away.  It still is a cute toy with the missing piece!

SASSY – a Mickey mouse sippy cup

Problem: paint started to wear off

Excellent Service: sent me a new one

SAUDER FURNITURE – my night stand

Problem: the top started to “bubble” maybe from hot drinks?

Excellent Service: Sent a new top piece

KIDCO – a peapod tent

Problem: I jacked it up to the point of no return trying to fold it

Excellent Service: First they sent a “how to fix it video” when it still didn’t return to its normal shape they sent a new one.

Due to how these representatives and their companies treated me.  I will go back.  I will tell my many prego friends to use their products, etc.  That is how you stay in business, have a good name, and a thriving company – be nice to people, have them like you, have good products.

No one wants to go to a place where you are a number, people don’t respond to you, or worse treat you rudely.

For example…

Micah and I had a gift card we received for our two year anniversary.  We didn’t use it at the time because Haddon was 5 days old so we got tropical smoothies and took a (light) walk instead.  We decided to use it this year as it had no expiration date.

To those who know Micah and I you know that we don’t go out to eat a lot and if we do we aren’t going to get crab cakes dishes and fancy extras.  We had a gift card though so we splurged a little.

It was very surprising when our wonderful waitress who had taken very good care of us all night, said she couldn’t take the gift card anymore but could give us 10% off.  Um, what?  So I asked to speak to the manager.  I worked in a restaurant for years and I know there are more ways than that to make the customer happy.  So she came out told us a story about how new management had taken over, but the old owner hadn’t left the funds for all these gift cards he sold.  Well, that was a sad situation but not one I should be responsible for when there was no indication (read no sign saying they didn’t honor them, etc). So she said she could get the new owner out to talk if we wanted, so I said yes, please – someone gave us a $50 gift card, and I don’t want their money wasted.  She got a little tiffy after that and asked if I wanted our meal to come out of her salary.  She went to get her manager and when she came back she didn’t have him and said, yall are good you can leave and started to go back inside.  We said wait we have a remaining balance and she waved at us annoyed said no you don’t and pulled the waitress back inside with her!  We left the waitress a note encouraging her she did a good job but sorry for the confusion and left her a $20.

I’ve never been treated so poorly from a manager, even though they had comped our whole meal they made us feel like the worst customers and because of it I will never go back and I will never recommend my friends go there.

I won’t tell you where because I don’t want to bash the restaurant honestly, but it was in Yorktown, VA.  Hopefully, it was just a bad day and I’m sure it was annoying the switching of ownership didn’t mention the gift cards.  I did learn that day to ask about gift cards upfront before ordering.

I’m so glad I was taught to use my mouth. It goes a long way in helping your money  be well spent.


Road to Health: Lemon Water and Apple Cider Vinegar

I incorporated lemon water and apple cider vinegar into my normal routine.

My three reasons:

1)      Diuretic and cleansing properties

2)      Helps control sugar levels

3)      Promotes alkalinity

It started when I couldn’t eat eggs anymore.   I used to eat eggs almost every morning and all of a sudden coffee and eggs were the deadliest mixture for my stomach.  I did some research and figured maybe it was too acidic for me now.

So I started trying to counteract that since there was no way I was not having my morning coffee!  It started with the lemon water which helped my pH balance tremendously.  Then my sister in law recommended the cider.

I haven’t had stomach issues in months and feel great.  I still do love desserts but I don’t “crave” sugar like I used to.

Use real lemon juice and cider with “the mother”.

“The mother” – basically its fermented and not ultra- pasteurized (which burns all the good nutrition out of it).

My dad has been using Braggs for years.  I used to think he was weird.  I get it now.  Does that make me weird too?  So be it.  I feel good.

Try it out for a couple weeks.  You won’t regret it and it won’t break your bank.

PRO: How good I feel

CON: The cider tastes nasty if you take the cider straight up, which can also cause enamel issues (I started mixing mine with water)